Before Christmas Bali “All set” To Welcome International Tourists: UN Tourism Agency

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According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the world-famous resort island of Bali is ready to welcome their international tourist.

Harry Hwang director of UNWTO Asia and the Pacific, who led a delegation to Bali for an on-site assessment, told that his team had seen firsthand the health and safety measures taken by the Indonesian government and the Bali administration to prepare for the reopening island for international travelers.

Photo by Timur Kozmenko from Pexels

Hwang in his interview said reporters in Nusa Dua on Thursday that, he was extremely delighted to saw Indonesia and Bali. He also mentioned that Bali is ready to open for tourism very soon or maybe in the next year. He added, he wouldn’t be surprised if the Indonesian government announced to reopen Bali before Christmas.

First time in Asia the delegation held this week in Bali to host a capacity-building workshop on resuming international tourism. The team also conducted an official visit to Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport and several tourist destinations.
He said, he found the standard and safety protocol excellent there, and also guaranteed that if these facilities, not the best there then tourists will hardly find these facilities in another place. He said that he found the standards and safety protocol is excellent if not the best there is the hope their collaboration with the government of Indonesia can be a good example that neighboring countries, other countries in Asia, can learn from.

As the Indonesian economy mostly relies on tourism. For that reason, Bali has been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Approximately 60 percent of its gross regional product derives from tourism, and under normal circumstance the island invite more than 10 million tourists a year, most of them are foreigners.
The island’s economy consolidated by 10.98 percent year-on-year within the second quarter of this year, such as thousands of individuals within the tourism sector lost their jobs. Bali lost an estimated Rp 48.5 trillion (US$3.33 billion) in tourism revenue between March to July, consistent with data from the Bali Tourism Agency.

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