Japan And China Decided To Reopen Business Travel Potentially Mid-November

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Two powerful nations Japan and China have agreed in principle to resume trade travel between the two countries in mid-November, a government official source revealed this Friday, in a move to recover two interdependent economies damaged by the coronavirus epidemic.

Relaxation of travel limitation will cover not only long term but also short term business people. The world’s second-largest economy China and third-largest economy Japan will follow negotiations from July onwards and have to reopen their borders for travelers and also for business persons.

Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihide Suga has agreed with Chinese President Xi Jinping in their first phone call in September to continue the discussion in the hope of starting the business trip quickly.

According to the Japan National Tourism Organization, China accounted for the largest number of visitors who visit Japan in 2019. Approximately 9.59 million people who visit in Japan, among them 370,000 people who travel for the business purpose.

Business people who are coming from china if their covid-19 test will negative and they show travel plan while staying in Japan, they will be released from having 14 days quarantine.

Expatriates and other long-term residents will still have to segregate for 14 days.

In February Japan imposed an entry ban on foreign nationals to restrain the spread of the coronavirus. Now the Japanese government has started to reopen its borders for travelers.

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