More countries are welcoming U.S. tourists in spite of coronavirus crisis

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Once one of the world’s most powerful travel documents, the powerful coronavirus in a U.S. passport spread under a cloud, closing doors across the planet to American travelers.
With the U.S. coronavirus case hovering near the 6 million marks, many countries now view America with frustration. No matter how much they want this tourism dollar, they are not willing to take the risk of opening their borders.

Even after easing restrictions in some places, Americans are still on the danger list. The European Union has removed the United States from its list of 15 countries that allow tourists to visit.

While most U.S. travelers prefer short-distance car travel on international flights to stay close to home, some travelers will not let their travel plans lose to a global epidemic.

And there are still a few main options:

For example, most of the Caribbean is open to U.S. travelers. Other countries, including the Maldives and Turkey, do not welcome U.S. travelers with open arms (like another temperature check and Covid-19 test), but they are allowing the coronavirus to cross their borders for the first time in many parts of the world.

It is up to individuals to decide whether traveling to “open” international destinations is responsible or advisable. However, it is noteworthy that as the epidemic continues, anything can change at any time.

More notable: The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US State Department are providing Covid-19 infection risk assessments at home and abroad. Most countries on the CDC’s website are considered “high risk”, while the State Department classifies most countries as Level 3 or “reconsideration travel.”

While limited countries may have bookable international flights, any foreign U.S. passenger should check with U.S. embassies and airlines before finalizing travel plans.

Here are the countries in alphabetical order for US passport holders to visit:


There are no specific details about what U.S. travelers can expect after arriving in Albania, but the U.S. embassy website states that there will be additional medical personnel at all points of entry, as well as screening and possible segregation requirements.

Antigua and Barbuda

A travel advisory of Antigua and Barbuda tourism said that as U.S. traveler, arrival by air must present the results of a negative COVID-19-RT-PCR (Real-Time Polymerase Chain Response) test taken within seven days of their flight. website

Even then, local health officials are liable to observation for 14 days and may need another Covid-19 test during the assessment. That means segregation while waiting for test results.

Masks must be worn in public places and anyone disregard security measures could face a penalty of up to $5,000 people and up to six months in prison. Anyone is advised to read the fine print on the go.


Armenia is a neighboring country of Turkey. Although Armenia is not on everyone’s travel bucket list, it is open for US tourists to explore.

Travelers must submit a Covid-19 PCR test upon arrival or face mandatory isolation for 14 days.

Examiners will have to isolate the passengers until they get a negative result. A list of test sites can be found on the Zvartnots International Airport website.


U.S. travelers from 24 states, including Covid-19 hotspots such as California and Florida, will need to upload the results of a negative Covid-19 test through Aruba’s embarkation/disembarkation card process 72 hours before arrival in Aruba.

Passengers from the other two states may choose to take a test upon arrival, although the test must be prepaid and there are mandatory separate arrangements for waiting for test results.

Also, travelers require to be insured so that they are protected from the cost of treatment should they test positive for the coronavirus during their stay.

Aruba Tourist Site has all the specific health requirements for incoming passengers, both of which are subject to consideration and change, so be sure to get the latest information before booking a trip.

The Bahamas

There is a 14-day mandatory quarantine for Bahamas domestic passengers. Travelers must apply for a health visa before traveling, uploading, and subsequently negative Covid-19 PCR test results – the test date cannot be more than 10 days before the trip.


As the island of Barbados reopened in July, it implemented new protocols to protect visitors and residents. Travelers must complete an online immigration card, which can be submitted 72 hours prior to departure and 24 hours prior to travel.

The form includes health questions, including whether the traveler has any negative Covid-19 test results.

Travelers can choose to take the Covid-19 PCR test upon arrival. Although travelers to the United States are interested in a more seamless experience as they are encouraged to pre-submit their negative test results through the immigration portal and come forward with proof of results.


Despite widespread protests, Belarus’s borders are open to Americans. There are no restrictions on entry, although passengers should expect a temperature check at Minsk National Airport.


Visitors who do not have negative Covid-19 PCR test results will not be allowed to travel to Bermuda.

Upon arrival, passengers must present negative test results before departure, submit an additional Covid-19 test and separate separation at their home until the results are ready, which takes six to eight hours.

Additional testing is required after three days, seven and 14 days, depending on the length of stay at the various test sites around the island.

Fees for travel approval include examination costs.


Though Brazil remains a 4-level advisor (do not travel) to the U.S. State Department’s “Because of Covid-19” but its borders are open to U.S. visitors who provide proof of valid health insurance in Brazil and that covers the entire time of stay.

Due to the ongoing epidemic, only emergency American citizen services are available at the US Embassy in Brasilia and the Consulate General across the country.


If you are sitting over $3,000 and want to go to Phnom Penh International Airport for a Cambodian adventure, this is a real option.

Visitors are required to take a Covid-19 test and if negative, the rest of the money will be refunded to minus $160 to spend on the test and to spend the day fully catered at a waiting center.

The results of a positive test carry serious financial and social consequences, including 14 days of quarantine and additional permitted costs for hospitalized and medical care and all fellow domestic flight passengers.

Costa Rica

As of September 1, U.S. tourists can enter Costa Rica from the following six states: Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Vermont. Accommodation for travelers in this state should be verified by a driver’s license.

Visitors must also complete a “Health Pass” form, as well as a Covid-19 PCR test with negative results, taken within 48 hours of travel and proof of travel medical insurance, which can also be purchased in Costa Rica.


Ignoring EU sanctions, Americans traveled to Europe and Croatia began welcoming U.S. tourists in July.

According to a warning on the U.S. Embassy’s website in Zagreb, passengers must submit a negative Covid-19 PCR test, no more than 48 hours (from the time of taking the swab to the time of arrival at the border crossing).


The East Caribbean, this Commonwealth country returns to international travel in early August. All Dominica travelers must present a negative Covid-19 PCR test result, which must be recorded 24 to 72 hours in advance, and fill out electronic immigration and customs form through the Dominica online portal 24 hours prior to travel.

U.S. travelers should be expected to be subject to further testing and screening.

Dominican Republic

U.S. travelers who traveling to the Dominican Republic must fill out a health affidavit to ensure they did not have any coronavirus symptoms within 72 hours of travel as part of standard immigration and customs forms,

However, anyone who is presenting symptoms or registering a temperature above 100.6 F (38 degrees Celsius) should check it out. Test positive passengers will be isolated and treated.

Visitors also need to be provided with contact information, but in short, when it comes to Covid-19 symptoms and testing, the DR agrees to take your word for it.


Dubai started tourism again in July. Visitors arriving in the UAE need to have medical travel insurance to cover the required Covid-19 treatment and must present a negative Covid-19 PCR test result within 96 hours of arrival.

Passengers must complete their “health declaration form” before departure to make sure they are not experiencing any coronavirus symptoms.

Passengers can expect temperature verification and mandatory testing if they show signs.

In addition, according to the Visit Dubai website, “Tourists need to register all their details on the COVID-19 DXB app upon arrival.”


Evidence of a negative Covid-19 PCR test taken within 10 days to avoid the segregation of U.S. travelers in Ecuador is required. Tests are available for those who do not present negative results at the expense of travelers who must be quarantined at an approved facility while waiting for results.

Visitors are required to take another Covid-19 PCR test from a test taken within 9 hours of Ecuador’s arrival at tourist sites in the Galapagos Islands and present negative results.


Egypt is reopening its borders in hopes of rebuilding a tourism industry that has been hit hard by a coronavirus lockdown.

Egypt relaxed travel bans in July, and Egypt Air has started regular direct flights from New York City and Washington DC to Cairo.

U.S. travelers must obtain a visa before or during travel and must be subject to temperature verification and must comply with social distance and masking requirements.

Given exactly what awaits US passport holders upon arrival, details are hard to come by. Evidence of a maximum of 48 hours old and medical insurance is required to be prepared with negative Covid-19 test results.

Egypt announced that it would resume many tourism activities, including the opening of the Pyramid of Giza in July.

French Polynesia

Travelers looking for the ultimate in tropical isolation are now welcome in Tahiti and the Bora Bora Islands.

Passengers in French Polynesia require a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of boarding before departure.

Passengers must fill out a “sanitary entry form” (one per family) with a description of their current state of health and agree to report additional symptoms and submit additional tests if deemed necessary upon arrival or stay.

Travelers seeking the ultimate in tropical isolation are now welcome to the islands of Tahiti and Bora Bora.


Travelers to the United States have never been banned from traveling to Ireland – they only have to submit a mandatory, 14-day separation.


Jamaica reopens to tourists in June and then updates the requirements for passengers, including an online “travel authorization “completion and the possibility of testing upon arrival.

Due to the growing number of coronavirus cases in the United States, all passengers arriving in the United States will need to upload negative Covid-19 test results in order to be approved for travel. Passengers have to be checked within 10 days of arrival.

Every passenger must be allowed to travel with their passport during the journey.

“All passengers from areas with high community transmission of the virus” will be tested upon arrival at the airport and need to be segregated at their selected accommodation until results are ready, usually within 48 hours.

Only hotels, villas, or guest houses in the “stable corridor” are accepting guests. According to Visit Jamaica, the coastline from Negril to Port Antonio are the flexible corridor. Only those who have obtained business training and have been assessed in consent with the Covid-19 protocol are allowed to open in the corridor to tourists.”

The Maldives

The Maldives, one of the most coveted holiday destinations in the world, has reopened to all international tourists. U.S. travelers are not required to be tested before departure but must complete a health declaration upon arrival.

All tourists must have booked their accommodation in advance.


Travelers who wish to take a stand in favor of the EU travel ban and those who wish to secede can go to Malta – but make sure you know what you are bringing before traveling. Passengers traveling through the “Land of the Safe Corridor”, allowing American visitors, can enter Malta after staying in the country for 14 days.


Although the land border between the United States and Mexico is closed, U.S. passengers can fly to Mexico.

No testing requirements are currently appropriate, although the recent reopening of the Mexican coincides with an increased case of coronavirus.

Travelers can go through temperature checks and other additional screenings upon arrival.


Montenegro welcomes Americans with a negative Covid-19 PCR test result or a positive coronavirus antibody test result, no more than 72 hours. Travelers under the age of 5 are not required to show test results.

According to the U.S. Embassy on the Montenegro website, “Countries that are not allowed to enter Montenegro within the previous 15 days must not stop or transfer travelers through them.”

North Macedonia

Northern Macedonia is open to tourists. There is no need for testing or isolation, but airports are conducting thermal screening for all passengers.


Serbia’s borders are open, but tourists should be aware of the recent period of protests surrounding the new ban, including a long weekend of curfew. There has been the most recent spike in coronavirus in this country.

St. Barts

At the end of June, St. Barts Island is back to international travelers. Viewers must show the results of a negative Covid-19 PCR test, taken within 2 hours of arrival.

Those who stay longer than a week will have to pay about $150 for an additional test on the eighth day.

St. Lucia

Those traveling from the United States to St. Lucia are required to provide negative results from the Covid-19 PCR test taken within seven days of the trip. Visitors must fill out a pre-arrived registration form – and travel with a printed, complete form.

Visitors must make reservations at any Covid-certified property (there are currently seven) for the duration of their trip. And travelers must stay where they are registered unless the hotel adjusts to authorized travel.

St. Maarten

St. Maarten reopens to U.S. travelers on August 1. Travelers must complete an online immigration card before traveling and upload a negative Covid-19 PCR test taken with 72 hours of arrival for entry.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

All travelers to St. Vincent and the Grenadines must take the Covid-19 PCR test if they arrive unless they have a negative Covid-19 test result (antibody test within five days, PCR test within two days) will not require separation.

Visitors must provide the approval of “VINCYCOVID Application” and complete the “VINCYCOVID” questionary.

Also, all passengers will be screened for symptoms including temperature checks on arrival.

South Korea

U.S. travelers can go to South Korea, but they must stay separate for 14 days upon arrival.

According to the US Embassy and Consulate in the Republic of Korea website, “Generally, US citizens traveling to Korea from the United States are not required to take the Covid-19 test before traveling to the 90-day visa-exempt program, but will be tested after arriving in Korea.” May be subject to segregation in government facilities at their own expense. “


Another example where travel is not prohibited, Tanzania is officially open to tourists. Although there are no tests or quarantine requirements, travelers are subject to an extensive screening and in some cases are required to take the Covid-19 test.

Incoming passengers are required to arrive to fill out a “health surveillance form”.


Most of Turkey’s borders have been open since June 12. There are currently no restrictions on U.S. citizens traveling to Turkey, although passengers must fill out an information form and be prepared to be tested for coronavirus symptoms upon arrival.

Turks and Caicos

The most recent information regarding US travelers to Turks and Caicos is as follows:

Visitors must provide a negative Covid-19 test result and the test must be taken within five days of arrival. Children 10 years of age or younger are not bound by this requirement.

Travelers must complete any online health screening questionnaires and have to carry travel medical insurance to cover any Covid-19-related costs (from quarantine to hospital care).


The United States is considered a “red zone” country in Ukraine, meaning it has more than 40 active coronavirus cases per 100,000 people. To enter Ukraine, passengers must download the application “The Vidoma” and choose one of three options.

They can take a Covid-19 PCR test within 24 hours of crossing the border, enter an isolated unit, or place a quarantine at their destination, which they can register through the app.

Travel health insurance is also a requirement to cover any expenses related to the treatment of Covid-19.

United Kingdom

U.S. travelers are always allowed to travel to the UK – they only need to submit a mandatory, 14-day quarantine.

This story is being monitored and updated as the situation develops.

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