Sikkim Will Resume International Travel From October 10, Hotel Bookings Start From This Date – All You Need to Know

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The Sikkim government has allowed the resumption of all services related to hotels, homestays, and tourism. Before planning your next excursion you have to know the important dates about that.

The beautiful and breathtaking Himalayan state of Sikkim is enchanting for travelers with its abundance of sights to see. The state, which has been closed to tourists for months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, recently declared that it would open its doors to tourists from October 10, with the Sikkim government allowing the reopening of all hotels, homestays, and tourism-related services.

According to Travel Daily Media, the agreement was signed by Ravindra Telang, Home Secretary of Sikkim, stating that the state is ready to allow international travel from October 1. And from October 10, hotels, homestays, and other tourism-related services will be permitted to operate.”

Also, the Sikkim border with West Bengal will be open for free road travel from October 1. The state will soon disclose SOP (Standard Operating System) for the hotel and tourism sector.

Well, good news for tourists here! According to the report, if you are planning to travel to Sikkim, you can start booking at the hotel or homestay of your choice from 27th September. The report further said that the odd-equal ration rule for public transport will be withdrawn from 1 October. Also, domestic line permits for international travelers with visas will start from 10 October.

In order to reduce the number of vehicles during the Covid-19 epidemic, the Himalayan state has imposed odd-equivalent road rules by restricting vehicles to the road according to the last number of the registration number. This is the same rule that was applied in New Delhi to prevent air pollution.

In other news, Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, has been under complete lockdown since September 21 and will run until September 27 to suppress the city’s growing COVID-19.

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