Compactor Space Saver Vacuum Storage Solution Vacuum Bag to Protect Clothes, Pillows, Duvets, Comforters, Blankets (XXL (26″x20″x11″), Classic White)


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Product Description

Simply Load, Vacuum, and Store a variety of everyday items such as Clothes, Pillows, Duvets, Comforters, and Blankets.

Easy to use, the  Compactor Vacuum Storage Systems are an all-in-one vacuum storage bag solution, with a built in protective tote to create a simple , yet stylish, storage option for clothes, bedding, and more!
1. Fold and pack your items inside the compression plastic bag insert.

2. Seal the plastic bag insert with your hands or the included slider.

3. Connect the vacuum hose tightly onto the plastic bag insert valve.

4. Once items are sufficiently compressed, close the valve and secure the plastic bag insert with buckles.

Compactor achieves results in minutes and saves up to 3 times the space.

Stylish, visually appealing, durable Compactor Vacuum Storage Bag solutions will allow you to fit more items into a smaller space. Magic? No! Simply removing the air from the storage bag reduces the space the items take by up to 70%. Easy! Ideal for bulkier items such as winter duvets and coats or more delicate clothes, blankets, linens, and other bedding. The air-tight vacuum bags are compressed vertically so multiple storage bags can be easily stacked making travel or storage under the bed a snap.

Suggested usage:

Home and closet organization. Under the bed, over cabinets, and on top of shelf spaces. Small space organization and coordination. Protection for clothes, bedding, and small soft items. Compacts easily to maximize packing when traveling. Increases car trunk storage. Perfect for garage organization. Makes camping more comfortable.

Folds flat to be easily placed in a drawer, car, or closet.

Compactor is the market leader in European storage solutions combining style, function and form to create unique, stylish home storage solutions. Compactor focuses on high quality and unique style at the right price.​

Features: Clear windows allow easy viewing of contents Unique patented designed Anti-Leak Valve Handles on either side of the tote make for easy transportation  Two way zipper Double seal plastic insert bag with detachable slider Wide opening of the vacuum bag enables easy filling. Buckles and straps inside the tote ensure additional security of items Soft, synthetic canvas-like tote material is water-resistant Cardboard reinforced sides keep storage box square and upright. No assembly required. Easy to use Takes minutes to get your items in and out.

Unique models, colors, sizes, features, and protective properties.

​Compactor prevent additional exposure to:​

mold unpleasant odors mites, fleas, bed bugs, ticks, spiders, moths dust moisture water bacteria

Anti-leak Valve

The vacuum bag features the patented and exclusive Compactor non-return valve so that no air will escape when the vacuum nozzle is removed. These vacuum seal storage bags are made from strong, durable polymer materials which ensure the bag keeps its shape and remains flexible and airtight.

Holds 2 King Size Duvets+ 2 pillows or close in volume

The soft, synthetic canvas-like tote material is water-resistant and partially reinforced with protective cardboard for added strength and durability.  Handles on either side of the tote make transportation easy. Compactor comes in different sizes, models, and colors.

25.6″x 19.7″x 10.5″ (66 x 50 x 28 cm) XXL tote is designed to hold the equivalent of 2 king size comforters plus two pillows and has a transparent window to easily view contents, inside straps to keep your items secure and carry handles on the side for ease of transportation. This vacuum storage system secures bulky items in a space-saving, air tight solution.
Built in vacuum bag has the patented (US 8,210,353 and US D771,944) universal Compactor non return valve which ensures no air escapes when the vacuum nozzle is removed; items are compressed vertically and can be folded and placed in to the bag one on top of the other
Made with durable, water-resistant materials, partially reinforced for strength. Covered by a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects.
Add color and style to your home storage solutions instead of using conventional storage bags


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