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HikeGoo Blister Prevention Cream

  • Advanced blister prevention
  • Single application lasts all day
  • Works in wet & dry conditions
  • Non-staining & no residue
  • Easy applicator cap


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HikeGoo Blister Prevention Cream Specifically Formulated for Feet (3 oz)


Who is Foot Kinetics?

Hi! We are Carl and Rick, the founders of Foot Kinetics. We are inspired by helping people make ‘purposeful strides’ in their lives. Whatever you do for work or fun…we want to ensure that blisters are not holding you back!

We are both avid hikers and climbers, climbed a lot of mountains. We are also both scientists and spent most of our lives fixing problems. Over the years, we tried just about every blister prevention product on the market and we weren’t happy with any of them. So we fixed that….we came up with HikeGoo Blister Prevention Cream. HikeGoo is a unique barrier cream that is specifically formulated to last all day on your feet….preventing blisters.

We’re also proud to make HikeGoo in the US, providing local jobs and building local businesses.

Why HikeGoo Blister Prevention Cream works

The simple answer is that HikeGoo sticks around much longer than other blister prevention or anti-chafe products. HikeGoo contains a high percentage of specialty hard waxes. These waxes make HikeGoo persistent….make HikeGoo stick around all day providing a protective layer that reduces rubbing, friction, calluses and blisters. Most other anti-chafe and blister prevention products are dimethicone-based. They are OK for thighs and chest but are too thin to stand up in the harsh environment of a shoe or boot and you can’t apply enough to last all day.

The key to HikeGoo’s persistence is the balance of lanolin alcohol in the emulsion. It is balanced to absorb water or excess sweat and make the emulsion “slipperier”. So we take the ever-present moisture at the skin-sock interface that usually contributes to blister formation, and integrate it into HikeGoo and actually make it better …slipperier.

And the beauty of the persistent emulsion is that all the while it is preventing blisters, it is also moisturizing your you can have blister prevention AND healthy feet!

We provide HikeGoo in 3 sizes for your convenience:

  • Trial size 3 ounce tube which is good for about 5 or 6 applications to both feet covering most of the foot. (You will get more than 6 applications if only applying to the back of heels for example)
  • Regular size 5.5 ounce tube which is good for about 11 applications..
  • Single-use packets which are handy to throw in a pack or pocket to take with you on multi-day events or to use “just in case”.



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