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HIKENTURE 4-in-1 Camping Utensil

  • 4 IN 1 CAMPING CUTLERY: Detachable fork, spoon, knife and bottle opener
  • HOBO POCKET MULTITOOL: Lightweight, sturdy, compact,rust free, and durable stainless steel material.
  • EASY TO CARRY: This eating utensil set is lightweight (5 oz) and fully portable,as it comes with a fine nylon pouch,so that you can bring it when you go camping, backpacking, hiking, fishing.
  • A MUST HAVE FULL-SIZED UTENSIL: Separates for use of the knife and fork at the same time, perfect solution for students, scouts or travelers eating with flimsy plastic cutlery.
  • BRAND QUALITY & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE : Being confident about the top quality of this flatware, we accompany this travel silverware with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, so your shopping will be worry-free.


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HIKENTURE 4-in-1 Camping Utensil Stainless Steel Fork Knife Spoon Bottle Opener Set with Storage Case


Hikenture Camping Utensil Spoon Fork Knife Comb – Travel Cutlery Set – 3 in 1, 4 in 1, 6 in 1

4 in 1 Features
Hikenture Camping Utensils Set include: (1) Spoon (2) Fork (3) Bottle opener (4) Knife.
Compact and lightweight (5 oz) to fit in your glove compartment, backpack, office drawer, storage, esky or lunch bag.
Whether you are camping or simply working on projects, this high-quality multifunctional camping tool is entirely constructed of stainless steel for long-lasting durability. The handle is made from aluminum, it is easy to clear and totally rust-free.

How to use knife and fork simultaneously 
-Detach the fork from the tableware set
-Fold the spoon when you use the knife
PS:The spoon and Knife is not detachable, remember to check our insruction e-mail after ordered.

Kindly Note: The blades are very sharp, please do not fold out the knife when you use the can opener.

Packing List:
1 Camping Fork/Knife/Spoon Set
1 nylon carrying pouch

Portable Full Size Fork Spoon and Knife Set

4-in-1 & 6-in-1

The camping eating utensil measures 7 x 1.6 inches after unfolded, and the compact size is about 4.3 x 1.6 inches.  The cutlery set comes with a fine nylon pouch so you can keep it clear and bring it wherever you go.


The length of the aluminum alloy utensil set is about 6.5 inches, they are attached with a carabiner, weighs only 2 oz.

3 Styles for You to Choose !

Hikenture 4-in-1 Travel Cutlery Set include: (1)Fork (2)Knife (3)Spoon (4)bottle opener. 

Multifunticon: The portable eating tool is easy to detach and combine and is perfect for outdoors, such as traveling, camping, hiking, fishing, backpacking, boy scouts, cub scout , picnic and etc.

Hikenture 6-in-1 Camp Multi-tool Utensils include: (1) Fork (2)Knife (3) Can/bottle opener (4)Spoon (5) Cork screw (6) Reamer. 

POCKET MULTITOOL: Lightweight, sturdy, compact, rust free, and durable stainless steel material.

Hikenture 3-in-1 Aluminum Alloy Camping Cutlery Set include: (1) Spoon (2) Fork (3) Knife. 

High Strength: With hard oxidation film on surface,the aluminum alloy eating utensil will be sturdy, stainless and long lasting.

Green and Healthy : The travel utensils set is reusable, and much healthier than flimsy plastic cutlery.



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