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Matador Pocket Blanket

  • Ultra-Compact and Lightweight folds out to a large 63″x44″ blanket
  • Built-in Metal Ground Stakes (rustproof) for exceptional performance in wind, Sand Pocket Corners to keep blanket secure on beaches. Metal stakes store inside the blanket and act as corner weights
  • Water Resistant, Puncture and Tear Resistant. Satin Fabric Finish on top to prevent sticking to the skin. Comfortable and protects from twigs, rocks, dirt, water, sand, and insects.
  • Easy-Pack Pattern and Integrated Storage Pouch make folding and storing quick and easy
  • Matador is the original Pocket Blanket company. Quality and satisfaction guaranteed. U.S. Patent# 9,402,489 with additional patents pending. Serialized hologram included in each package to verify your Matador product is authentic-smartphone scannable.


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Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0 New Version, Picnic, Beach, Hiking, Camping. Water Resistant with Built-in Ground Stakes


Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0, the upgraded version! Enjoy the outdoors anytime, anywhere. Great for picnics, beaches, concerts, festivals, naps, tanning, and more. This Blanket is small enough to fit neatly into your pocket, purse, or backpack. Unfold to enjoy the 63″ X 44″ blanket. Enough space for two people to lay or 4 to sit.

Matador Pocket Blankets are water-resistant and puncture-resistant to keep you clean, dry and comfortable. In this new version, the integrated corner weights deploy to become rust-proof metal ground stakes. This will keep the blanket flat and secure in the wind. This version also has sand pockets in the corners so it won’t blow around on the beach. All Matador Pocket Blankets come with the “easy pack pattern” that makes it easy to fold the blanket back into the attached storage pouch.

Keep your pocket blanket with you all the time and never miss an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

Matador is the original creator of the Pocket Blanket and the undisputed leader in packable adventure gear. Quality and satisfaction are guaranteed.

Each Blanket 2.0 comes with a Certilogo serialized hologram that can be scanned with any smartphone or entered online to verify that you have received an authentic Matador product.

U.S. Patent# 9,402,489 with additional patents pending on this product.



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