Reef Safe Sunscreen SPF 30+ All Natural, Travel Size, Water Resistant, Moisturizing, Biodegradable, Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB, Ocean Friendly Mineral Sun Cream from Reef Repair 1.7 fl. Oz



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Reef Repair reef safe sunscreen is a revolution in eco-friendly sun protection and one of the safest sun creams for sensitive skin that you will find anywhere in the world. All Reef Repair sun care products are 100% Oxybenzone free, Octinoxate free, Silicone Free, Titanium Dioxide free and best of all made from all natural biodegradable ingredients for a healthier ocean and vibrant coral reefs.
TRAVEL SIZE / TSA COMPLIANT – Guaranteed travel friendly sunscreen, just 50ml in size. Completely 100% TSA approved, can be taken with you in your carry on flight luggage or handbag.
AMAZING SUN PROTECTION – Broad spectrum UVA, UVA-II and UVB SPF 30+ sunblock. Non nano Zinc Oxide & Red Raspberry Seed formula for the ultimate in all natural sun care & sun safety PA+++.
CORAL REEF SAFE – Hawaii, Mexico, Maldives, Belize, Florida and the Great Barrier Reef all require you use environmentally friendly reef safe sun cream when scuba diving, swimming or snorkeling. Reef Repair sunscreen is 100% guaranteed reef safe and will not let you down!
FAMILY SAFE – Keep your family safe from sun burn and skin damage with our 100% family safe sun cream. No harmful chemicals, parabens, silicone or dioxins, just all natural sun protection for you and your loved ones.
NON OILY FORMULA – Reef Repair is a non oily reef safe sunscreen that won’t separate, does not require shaking before use and won’t leave your skin feeling yucky or greasy.
NON WHITENING – Unlike other natural sun creams this product will not paint you white or leave your skin with an unnatural ghostly whitening effect.
WATER RESISTANT – Up to 80 minutes of waterproof sun protection. Non slippery and ocean friendly formula.
MOISTURIZING – Throw away your other moisturizers and use an all natural moisturizing daily reef safe sunscreen to protect yourself from premature aging, wrinkles and DNA damage.
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CORAL REEF SAFETY :: Reef Repair sun cream is a (non nano) Zinc Oxide based reef safe sunscreen that is 100% Oxybenzone free, Octinoxate free & completely chemical free. Safe for marine and aquatic life including our delicate coral reefs, guaranteed to protect.
INGREDIENT SAFETY :: Our sunscreens are 100% Paraben free, Silicone free and Titanium Dioxide free, providing proven safety for you and your family. Our A+ grade cosmetic non nano Zinc Oxide gives you and your family the strongest mineral based UV protection available whilst playing in the sun. Daily application is now fun and easy!
NON WHITENING :: Non Sticky, Non Oily water based & biodegradable formula. This sunscreen goes on easy with almost no rubbing, spreads evenly on your skin, no whitening or ghosting effect like many other natural sunblocks. Won’t leave sticky or greasy feeling on your skin and does not cause excess sweating.
OTHER BENEFTIS :: Our 100% natural formula is a revolutionary layer of sun protection, moisturisation and repair for new, sensitive or damaged skin. 100% all natural and safe, with bonus ingredients like red raspberry seed oil and coconut oil for extra sun care and protection.


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