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Travis Travel Gear Space Saver Bags

  • FIT UP TO 3x MORE ON YOUR TRIP: Increase space in your suitcase or carry on with our premium space saving bags. To use simply place clothes, comforter, or fabric, close the bag sealer, and start rolling beginning form the zipper. The air will exit from the bottom of the bags until you fabric reaches maximum compression.
  • REUSABLE AND EASY REPLACEMENT. Our bags are guarantee to work, if any of them doesn’t (which sometimes happen), email or call us immediately to get instant support and replacement if needed after your purchase. Any replacement is made at 100% our expense, you won’t even need to ship in the damaged item.
  • PERFECTLY ORGANIZED VACATIONS AND HOME: You don’t only save space, you can also isolate dirty clothes and bad smells when traveling as well as organize by outfit, activity or family member. At Home, use them as airtight long term sealed organizers to save space and protect from dust, bugs and mildew. Excellent as packaging for comforters, blankets, suits, pillows, bedding, sleeping sacks, and any other fabric accessories you can think of.
  • NO PUMP OR VACUUM NEEDED: With the roll-up compression technology our bags use, you won’t even need to carry any sort of suctin devise. Our bags work by rolling the air out using your own body weight resulting in a compressed air-free bag.
  • INCLUDED IN YOUR PURCHASE. Check images to see how much you can compress with each pack. MEDIUM, med, M (23.” x 15.75”) ideal for carry-ons. Fit 2 sweaters, one jacket or 2 pairs of pants. LARGE, Lge, L (27.5” x 19.6”) ideal for checked in baggage can hold 4 sweaters, 1 pillow, 1 coat jackets or 3 pairs of pants. JUMBO, XL, extra large (35.4” x 21.6”). Can fit an entire winter/skiing outfit, 6 sweaters, 2 pillows, 5 pairs of pants, or large jackets. Works great as dirty clothes storage.


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Travis Travel Gear Space Saver Bags. No Vacuum Rolling Compression, Multi Size Pack of 5


Travis Travel Gear Space Saver Bags are the most versatile and underrated travel accessory you could carry on any trip. They are simple to use: pack, seal and roll; you will NOT need a vacuum to suck the air out as the air exits as you roll the bag. You can compress your clothes up to 300%, you can also use them to organize your load and keep things tidy and separate dirty from clean clothes.
MEDIUM bags are suitable for carry on luggage (23.5” x 15.75”) thats around 2 sweaters, one pillow, one large jacket or 2 pairs of pants.
LARGE bags are perfect for most check-in suitcases (27.5” x 19.6”) and hold about 4 Sweaters, two pillows, 2large jackets or 3 pairs of pants.
EXTRA LARGE are great to carry large stuff such as a sleeping bag, large coats and also works great as a dirty laundry bag.
We strive for your total satisfaction backed by a 100% money back guaranty, so what are you waiting for? scroll to the top and add to cart.




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