Mauritian foods and drinks

Spices & Delights: Exploring the Unique and Tantalizing Foods in Mauritius

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With servants, slaves, and settlers, migration additionally presented various cooking styles in Mauritius. The country is referred to as the ‘melting pot of flavors’ since it offers different cuisines with a wide variety of foods. Besides that, there are also various markets selling global food products in the country. Here are the top 22 foods in Mauritius that you must try when you visit the country.

What’s interesting is the fact that Mauritius doesn’t have its own distinct food. The reason was, that the Portuguese found the island uninhabited and on their voyage when they came through the Indian Ocean. Therefore, the colonialists turned the country into a plantation colony, where indentured servants and slaves from Africa and South Asia were brought to work. As time passed, other migrants came into the country. As a result, as generations passed, their cuisines were mixed, resulting in a wide variety of foods that are there today and are definitely, a ‘must-try’. We suggest here the top 22 foods in Mauritius that you should taste when you travel to Mauritius.

Dholl Puri

This is arguably the best street food in Mauritius. Ground split peas are stuffed into thin wheat bread which is then served with chutney, pickles, and curries. Dholl Puri is thought to be derived from Indian Paratha and flatbread. They can be found all over the country, and anyone who visits the country can’t afford to miss it. Places to find the dish include; Dewa restaurant which is located in Moka, Dewa Dholl Puri situated in Rose Hill, and Four Angels restaurant which is in Bel Air.

Mauritian foods and drinks

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Victoria pineapples

The pineapples in Mauritius are delicious and sweeter than any other pineapples in the world. They are mostly found on the beach where sellers cut them into small, easy-to-hold pieces for those relaxing on the beach.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Mauritian curries

Due to the influence of Indians, curries are now considered to be a major component of the country’s cuisine. However, they are a bit different from the traditional curries of India. The Creole curries contain onions, garlic, and curry leaves, which form its base. When compared to Indian curries, Mauritian curries are not that spicy as they are served with bread and rice. You should not miss this dish as it will pamper your taste buds. This dish could be tried in areas such as Roti Aka Vinoda restaurant which is situated in Flic en Flac and the Poste Lafayette- situated Sunshine Fusion restaurant.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Vanilla tea

The tea is grown in Bois Cheri. It contains various flavoring substances which give it a delicious taste. The best place to taste this tea is Bois Cheri café, where you will find incredibly tasty tea that will definitely pamper your taste buds. Once you taste this tea, you will definitely love it, and if you fail to take stock from the shop in the area, you will later realize that you made the biggest ‘mistake’ of your life.

Mauritian foods and drinks

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As we know, Mauritius is an island that is surrounded by water, which comes in handy with some delicious seafood in store for you. The cuisine in the country contains heavy seafood, forming a major part of curries and stews. Giant prawns and fresh tuna are the main seafood which is a must-try. These foods are found in restaurants located along the beach in Mauritius.

Mauritian foods and drinks


As we all know, sugar cannot be served as a dish. In Mauritius, it is the most exported commodity. There are vast lands, all over the country, that are covered with sugarcane, making the island the world’s best sugar exporter. Also, there are nine types of sugar that are produced in Mauritius. If you taste all the sugar types manufactured in the country, it will make you want to visit the island more often, just to taste their sugar. It is commonly found at L’Aventure du Sucre, which is a sugar museum.

Mauritian foods and drinks


Mauritians consume chili with almost all dishes, including fruits and baguettes, not forgetting regular fish dishes and curries. Because of this need, there is regularly a dish of chili paste or chopped chili, (Mazavaroo) served in each dinner. Therefore, if you are a chili lover, then you will find Mauritius the best place to be. 

Mauritian foods and drinks

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They are deep-fried snacks that are sold everywhere in the country. Mostly, they are found on the streets and also in luxury restaurants. This is the favorite snack for residents in the country. You will find them being sold at the back of motorbikes, beaches, and food stalls along the roadsides.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Dim Sum

They are a major part of the Sino cuisine in Mauritius. It is served in all Chinese restaurants in the country. Dim sums are small portions of meat or vegetables, that are fried, steamed, or wrapped in dough. You will discover this dish, which is a must-try, in the entirety of the Chinese restaurants working on the island.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Fish Vindaye

This dish is made with turmeric, ginger, garlic, mustard, onions, and fish, even though vegetables could also be used instead of fish. It is then served with chutney, pickles, lentils, and rice, giving it a delicious taste. If you visit Mauritius, you definitely don’t want to miss this dish, it is a must-try. It is found in almost all restaurants on the island.

Mauritian foods and drinks

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It is the variant of Indian Falooda, whose color is either green or pink, and is made from dissolving agar, milk, and basil leaves. The drink is also flavored with syrup, which makes it super delicious and a must-try for all visitors, who visit the island. You will find this dish in Big Willy’s which is situated in Tamarin village and also in the Banana Beach Club located in Grand Baie.

Mauritian foods and drinks


When you visit Mauritius, and you consider yourself a sweet-toothed individual, then the Mauritian Mithai is your go-to dish. Mithais are buttery and sweet and can be found in Bombay Sweets Mart and also in Mori Mithai, situated in Long Mountain.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Mine Frites

Mine Frites is another Mauritian street dish, which is, fried noodles mixed with chili and onions. The noodles are soy sauce-fried, and if you love Chinese cuisine, then you should definitely try this dish. After consuming the noodles with chili, as they do in Mauritius, all you need to do is take a bowl of herbal black jelly, which will help you to cool down and relax. This dish is mostly found in Canton, Port Louis; Chez Patrick and King Dragon in Mahebourg and Quatre Bornes respectively.

Mauritian foods and drinks


It is almost a similar dish to the Indian paratha, only that it contains a Mauritian variety. The dish is often served with chutney or curries. Farata is generally sold on Mauritian roads, nearby Indian restaurants. The best places to try it include the La Chaumiere Masala restaurant and also Mauritius and House of India, located in Trou aux Biches.

Mauritian foods and drinks

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Gateau Patat Douce

They are sweet potato cakes that are served during teatime. The dish encases a filling of sugar, cardamom, and coconut which is later deep-fried, giving it a delicious flavor. Mauritians love this dish and it is also a must-try for anyone who has never tasted it.

Mauritian foods and drinks

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Vanilla-infused food

Due to the wide variety of non-Mauritian vanilla sold to tourists in Mauritius, St Aubin is the only place that you could buy real Mauritian-grown vanilla. In this area, there is a small vanilla plantation, which you should visit if you want to see how vanilla is grown. In this place, they cook chicken with vanilla, which is very delicious. There is also vanilla crème Brulee served in the local restaurants. You cannot afford to miss these dishes, otherwise, it would be like you were never in Mauritius.  

Mauritian foods and drinks

Palm Heart Salad

It is referred to as the ‘millionaire salad’. It is a delicacy that is very common among Mauritians. After seven years of growth, palm trees are cut down, and the arm-sized tube which is inside its trunk is then sliced and then mixed with salad when being served. It can also be served with smoked marlin and can also be cooked in a sauce. This dish is worth a try, and the visitors can offset their own salad by planting the tree in their own homes. The best places to try this dish include; Restaurant Bambou, La Pirogue, Four Seasons, and the La Table du Chateau.

Mauritian foods and drinks

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Coconut chutney is mostly served in every curry meal on the island. The chutney complements the curries perfectly. Moreover, coconut chutney is the main dish in India and is mainly served with Idlis in south India. In Mauritius, the best places to find the dish include Ile aux Cerfs Island, La Chaumiere Masala place as well and Mauritius and the House of India. On the other hand, coconut cakes are made from sugar and grated coconuts, which gives them a delicious taste. In Mauritius, they are referred to as tomatoes, even though they don’t contain any tomatoes in it. In Port Louis, there are a number of restaurants that sell these cakes. Other places to find them include; Frame n Grill, La Toque Blanche, and The La Route Du restaurant. Coconut water is commonly drunk from the coconuts along the Mauritian beach, where coconuts are found in plenty. The drink is deliciously refreshing, and therefore, it is a must-try for everyone who visits Mauritius. 

Mauritian foods and drinks


This is a Creole dish made with tomatoes, fish, meat, thyme, onion, and garlic. It may be referred to as a tomato stew and is very delicious and a must-try. The dish is quite popular in Mauritius, which is why it is recommended to anyone who visits the island.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Roti Chaud

It is an Indian bread, which is served with pickles and curries. They are mostly found on the Mauritian streets and are similar to Indian Rotis. Normally, you will find them being carried at the back of motorbikes by street vendors. However, you can try this dish in specific places including the House of India and the Sunshine Fusion restaurant.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Mauritian Biryani

Besides being an Indian dish, it is also identical to Hyderabadi Biryani. The Biryani contains yogurt, Basmati rice with long grains, and a huge spices list. When being cooked, potatoes are placed right at the bottom, preventing the rice from sticking into the vessel or even burning. The best place to go try the dish is The Le Tandoor which is located near the Grand Bay. You could also try it at Pyramid Snacks in Mahebourg City.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Smoked Marlin

This is another delicacy that is quite popular in Mauritius. It is mostly served with palm salad and lime-infused oil. Smoked marlin might be purchased in gourmet specialty stores on the island. For the visitors visiting the country, it would be amiss if they didn’t try this particular dish.

Mauritian foods and drinks

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Undoubtedly, Mauritian food is a melting pot of cuisines. With these dishes, your food tour on the island will definitely pamper your taste buds.

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