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Empowering Solo Adventures:The Best 15 Solo Female Travel Destinations

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Traveling alone can enable you to find incredible things without enjoying various activities. Subsequently, many people look at the benefits of self-treat, and it has been viewed as an introverted characteristic. However, that’s further from the truth. The popularity and rise of solo female travel have not only created an opportunity for most women; but also gave them a new approach to self-appreciation. Therefore, women no longer need traveling companions as they can enjoy their vacation in the Safest Solo Female Travel Destinations. Here is the list of the best 15 solo female travel destinations that no woman should miss.

1.   Tulum, Mexico

15 Best Solo Female Travel Destinations 2019

Photo Credit: Walkerssk

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If you are looking for affordable but with a Hippy vibe type of destination, then Tulum, Mexico is the place to go at it alone. Previously known as a tiny fishing town, Tulum has turned out to be the most visited area by tourists in Mexico. Additionally, you can enjoy the ruins of the Mayans that is exuberantly picturesque standing next to the turquoise ocean. Also, magnificent beaches are a sure way to enjoy it all alone, girl.

2.    Santiago, Chile

Photo Credit: Leonardo Shinagawa

Despite Santiago being an overcrowded city, it is instead very safe more so for lone female travelers. The Atacama Desert and the Patagonia wilds are just some of the places to visit alone in Chile. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you love skiing and drinking that el calsico wine, at that point you will make the most of your remain. Furthermore, there are many different museums in Santiago that you could enjoy and get to learn about historical information. You can’t leave Chile without visiting La Chascona, the home of Pablo Neruda and the best museum in Latin America Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino.

3.    Geneva, Switzerland

15 Best Solo Female Travel Destinations 2019

Photo Credit: Kev-1n

Geneva is absolutely perfect for the solo female travelers. It is luxurious, it is beautiful, and moreover this city is right on the lake. It’s not only men that are crazy about old artifacts; women are too. Geneva offers the old World style with a delightful penny to launch your performance raid. What is more, the city is extremely safe with magnificent sights that add up to it being a costly destination. The cost is a good idea to travel alone as a lady to avoid extra costs. Interestingly, you can’t miss the mountain tours, many museums, the Matterhorn, Lake Lucerne, and the medieval Geneva castles.

4.    Palawan, Philippines

15 Best Solo Female Travel Destinations 2019

Photo Credit: Guy Goddard

Palawan brags as one of the magnificent islands for solo female travelers. Being extraordinary compared to other independent female travel goals 2020, it has a phenomenal view, and you won’t be exhausted as you will meet different visitors at the tidal ponds and islands. Likewise, you could get yourself a private vessel on the other hand and overcome these wonderful seashores alone. Additionally, El Nido and Coron are the places you can’t fail to visit in Palawan. Palawan is incredibly blessed with eco-friendly resorts, hence putting your alone time as a woman on the next level.

5.    Lisbon, Portugal

Photo Credit: Rustam Aliyev

Lisbon is an acclaimed solo female travelers goal yet for valid justifications. Its tiled buildings, retro trams, and cobbled streets are exceedingly atmospheric. Besides, the bar scenes, historical sites, and fado are fascinating more so when you are alone, and you can eat tarts too when you visit the place. Get your summer body ready too at the different rooftop pools.

6.    Bali, Indonesia

Photo Credit:  Albert Dezetter

In spite of the wild partygoer’s reputation, Bali, Indonesia offers great places for solo female travelers who want to relax as they kickback. The picturesque beaches, yoga classes, surfing, the island’s hotels, and more are what you’ll take pleasure in as a lone traveler. What’s more, there are peaceful resorts and villas secluded from the population that can offer you the privacy you need. In fact, it’s cheaper to rent a private villa in Bali as compared to other tourist destinations.

7.    Rome, Italy

15 Best Solo Female Travel Destinations 2019

Photo Credit: Mauricio A.

Rome is a famous traveler goal for the most part for its wealth in refined, sentimental, and verifiable goals all-inclusive. Similarly, solo female travelers can take this opportunity to enjoy some of the fantastic sights and foods. 

8.    Chiang Mai, Thailand

Photo Credit: natashaloubser

When safety is your number one priority as a lady who wants to travel alone, then Thailand is the ideal destination. Chiang Mai makes a perfect destination for most female solo travelers to Thailand. The city is not only small as compared to Bangkok, but it is filled with most of the countries attractions.  Besides, it is safe and very different from Bangkok that is filled with tourist scams, making it better for female travelers to walk alone through Chiang Mai. Conclusively, you can visit the Grand Canyon, breathtaking temples and the ancient ruins.

9.    Dominican Republic, Carribean

15 Best Solo Female Travel Destinations 2019

Photo Credit:  RitaE 

The Caribbean island is known for astounding beaches making the Dominican Republic a popular tourist destination. It has the most beautiful beach resorts to spend your entire visit, which include Punta Cana or La Romana. Moreover, it can remotely connect with the fantastic Dominican culture and make new acquaintances.

10.    Queens Town, New Zealand

15 Best Solo Female Travel Destinations 2019

Photo Credit: Pxhere

Queenstown has a lot to offer more so to lone female travelers. You have bungy jumping and driving to paradise to all the adrenaline rush kind of activities. What’s more, the city is famous for adventure hence attracting quite a vast number of visitors.  Traveling alone in New Zealand is very easy because of its safety and friendly people, and it’s a perfect destination for adventurous people and outdoor activities.

11.    Seville, Spain

Photo Credit: David Mark 

It is very easy to get lost in Seville because it is a big city. Nonetheless, the favorable weather, friendly locals, colored buildings, and cobblestone streets make this city the favorable best solo female travel destination. Additionally, the city is built in a way that even tourists find it easy to maneuver through; and you can visit the Torre del Oro, the Alcázar of Seville, Seville Cathedral, and the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza.

12.    Berlin, Germany

Photo Credit: cocoparisienne

Rich in culture and history, it is an interesting experience to travel alone to Berlin, Germany. Between the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Holocaust Memorial remnants, Berlin has an array of dynamic attractions that impresses solo female travelers. Likewise, walking through the East and West historic neighborhoods; the city though divisive has an architectural plethora.

13.    Dubrovnik, Croatia

Photo Credit: clariston

Croatia is getting mainstream, particularly for solo female travelers. Dubrovnik is honored with an astounding transport system and extraordinary infrastructure. In any case, old towns, dynamic night outs, and various islands make this Mediterranean city a famous goal for solo travelers. The old town of Dubrovnik was utilized by Game of Thrones to film a few pieces of the show, and history darlings can have a great time in the event that you visit this travel destination.

14.    Kyoto, Japan

15 Best Solo Female Travel Destinations 2019

Photo Credit: xegxef

Kyoto is famous for a solo female travel destination. The city is antiquated; it is honored with authentic destinations to appreciate seeing during your remain. Strangely, it has more than 3,000 chronicled destinations, including shrines and temples. Along these lines, traveling alone in this city will assist you with getting familiar with its profound established culture, advanced urban areas, zen gardens, and incredible nourishment.

15.    Reykjavik, Iceland

Photo Credit: Ingi Finnsson

Reykjavik is a vibrant city in music and art embodied with historical and cultural attractions. Consequently, the city gives lone female travelers endless adventure and fun opportunities as well as great glaciers to Atlantic rolling waves and the geothermal spots. Besides, you can also visit the local pools to connect with new people, not to mention the whale watching sceneries that are superb for lone travelers.

….last but not the least…..

16.    A cruise

Photo Credit:  skeeze 

Cruise lines are becoming popular while giving solo female travelers an opportunity to enjoy their destinations. Since most ships are designed for couples, boat cruises are cutting that fashion and here are some of the top cruises that solo female travelers can enjoy.

•    Holland America

•    Norwegian Cruise Line

•    Crystal Cruises  

•     Royal Caribbean International

•     Silversea Cruises

•     Cunard Line A cruise

•     Seabourn Cruise Line


Being a solo traveler can be a daunting idea at first, but it is of real fun and easy to go about. Besides, you have all the space to yourself, and the expenses are also self-centered. Additionally, there are so many places you can travel alone and still enjoy your destination, and most importantly, the mentioned destinations are friendly and safer for solo female traveling.

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