Disney cruise private island Bahamas

Disney Castaway Cay: Your Ultimate Guide to Paradise in the Bahamas

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Visiting through the Bahamas is a superb experience absolutely on account of its sunlit picturesque seashores. A Disney cruise to the spectacular islands was formerly unimaginable due to its expense, yet at present, it is a brilliant decision with its heaps of characteristic quality. With cruise ports Disney’s private island Castaway Cay, Coco Cay, and Nassau, you will have a journey bargain that you have constantly longed for. Most of these islands are too small for local people to live in, and in this manner have been rented out to the cruise companies, giving a selective escape to cruise travelers and valuable revenue for the local governments. The cruise lines have changed the once “dead land” into their own tiny paradise islands. We are here to suggest the Disney cruise private island Bahamas – Castaway Cay for your next dream cruising. Despite the fact that Castaway Cay has a lot of man-made tourist spots and open regions, the island’s rich wildlife, soothing tropical climate, and influencing palm trees are picture-perfect.

Castaway Cay is a private island in the Bahamas that fills in as a private port for the Disney Cruise Line ships. It is situated close to Great Abaco Island and 116 km away from Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. Castaway Cay was in the past known as Gorda Cay.

Castaway Cay is Disney Cruise Line’s private piece of heaven in the Bahamas. In 1997, The Walt Disney Company bought a 99-year land rent (through 2096) for the Cay from the Bahamian government, giving the organization considerable authority over the island.

Castaway Cay was the first private island in the cruise business where the ship docks on the island, extinguishing the requirement for visitors to be offered to land.

The island is still largely undeveloped as just 55 of the 1,000 acres of land are being utilized. Castaway Cay presently has around 140 Disney Cruise Line perpetual inhabitants who keep the island running every day; They incorporate overseers, landscapers, and other people who keep up the island. the numbers vary between the busy and off seasons of the year.

Disney cruise private island Bahamas

Photo Credit: Josh Hallett

Castaway Cay is always the first choice of Disney cruisers. This island is reserved only for Disney Cruise Line Guests on Bahamian and Caribbean travels. Caribbean cruises onboard Disney’s Fantasy and Dream ships usually make one or a couple of stops at this private island.

The Disney ship docks straight at the island, permitting Disney cruisers to just stroll off the boat legitimately onto this island with delightful white sand beaches and clear turquoise waters.

Your youngsters needn’t bother with travel papers for a stop at Castaway Cay. While landing the boat you will each need to take your Key to the World card and voyagers 18 years and older should bring a photo ID also.

There is an official Bahamian post office in Castaway Cay. As you leave the boat, you’ll see the post office. This is the spot to buy unique Disney Cruise Line stamps and mail those postcards that will have the Castaway Cay postmark. Remember that this is one spot where you do require money, on the off chance that you need to buy postcards or stamps. Your Key to the World charge isn’t legitimate here. Likewise, know that it could take weeks or even a long time for your postcard to arrive at its goal.

For a family escape, nothing that compares to Castaway Cay in the Bahamas. Castaway Cay is Disney’s private paradise for children, youngsters, and grown-ups. Castaway Cay pays attention to everything from unwinding to being a child and running around simply having some fun. This is Disney’s own asylum to unwind have some good times and essentially appreciate the sun. Castaway Cay offers many offshore activities like diving, snorkeling, waterslides, bicycle trails, open-air massages, two water play zones, parasailing, angling, and a stingray interaction experience and that’s just the beginning.

Disney Castaway Cay

Photo Credit: Stephen Kellam

Disney Castaway Cay

Photo Credit: Inside the Magic

The Snorkeling Lagoon at Disney’s Castaway Cay is undoubtedly at the top of the must-do list when visiting the island. The best piece of the snorkeling lagoon is that it is free in the event that you bring your own snorkeling gear. The main thing you will require is an obligatory snorkel vest which is free to borrow. They provide only underwater features like a submarine or Mickey. You can see some sea turtles in the water. there are no sharks in Castaway Cay. One kind of nurse shark is sometimes visiting Castaway Cay, and this kind of shark poses no harm to humans.

The Atlantis Beach Day and Discover Atlantis trip is worth the cash! It is an astounding and awesome experience in numerous ways.

Another popular activity is Run Disney’s Castaway Cay 5k. If you and your family are enthusiastic sprinters or simply love a touch of inviting challenge then you won’t have any desire to miss the Castaway Cay 5K during your next Disney Cruise. This genuinely one-of-a-kind Port Adventure happens on Disney’s private island Castaway Cay and is accessible to all visitors cruising on itineraries (Bahamas and Caribbean) making a stop here. This 3.1-mile run is intended to be easygoing and ideal for members from running aficionados to an amateur. It is a free fun run and is a 5k distance that has a race clock so you can see your time toward the end.

Disney cruise private island Bahamas

Photo Credit: Josh Hallett

Photo Credit: Josh Hallett

Serenity Bay Beach is the most astounding tropical desert spring for adults only (age 18+) in Castaway Cay. Disney Cruise Line is extraordinary for youngsters, which is no secret, however, what a ton of people don’t understand is that it is additionally incredible for grown-ups! There are numerous reasons why. The adult-only pool, adult amusement district, and adult-only dining options, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! If you need to go on to Serenity Bay Beach you should leave the cable car at the Family Beach and take a different cable car to Serenity Bay Beach. There is likewise a Teen Beach situated at the far west end of the Family Beach.

Disney Castaway Cay

Photo Credit: Connie Roberts

Castaway Cay doesn’t have WiFi accessible for Guests on the island. You’ll get two Wave Phones within your stateroom that you may carry onto the island with you. On the off chance that you’d prefer to speak with different individuals from your pirate crew during your day at Castaway Cay, you may utilize these Wave Phones to do so!

You cannot remain overnight at Castaway Cay. There are no cruises that stay overnight at the island and you won’t discover an inn on this island. There are particular cruises that offer double dips to Castaway Cay on the off chance that you’d like additional time on the island. In case you’re on a three or four-night voyage, we may suggest skipping Nassau and spending time on the boat. On the off chance that it’s your first time in the Bahamas, you could sheer off the vessel for a little just to check Nassau off your rundown of spots visited. Try not to feel awful on the off chance that you skip Nassau if your itinerary includes Castaway Cay.

You’d love to walk around the gift shops on the island. They have such a large number of charming pieces of stuff. There are two primary gift shops on Castaway Cay selling Disney products. The one nearest to the vessel dock is named “She Sells Sea Shells… and Everything Else”. As should be obvious, “Sea Shells” is crossed out. This is because the one thing you can’t bring once again from any island, including Castaway Cay, is seashells. The subsequent gift shop is found further into the island and is named “Buy the Sea Shore”. While both of the gift stores convey a few similar things, there is likewise a wide variety of products you can just get at either. Buy the Sea Shore is found near the Run Disney Castaway Cay 5K starting line, and it is the main store that conveys things related to that race. You don’t have to have taken part in the 5K to buy the elite pin, shirt, or cap.

Disney cruise private island Bahamas

Photo Credit: Inside the Magic

There is some fun fresh fruit stand that remains close to the family beach. There are various beverage stands where you can buy frosty beverages, for example, coconut sippers and strawberry colada drinks. While these are non-alcoholic beverages, you can buy liquor in the event that you want as there is a bar available here.

Photo Credit: Josh Hallett

 A BBQ lunch comes complimentary with your journey. Beginning at 11:30 am you can help yourself with as much BBQ you want to appreciate. Cookies BBQ is situated in the family beach area. There are three BBQ areas on Castaway Cay that are included in the cost of the cruise, much the same as feasting on board the cruise ship. Another choice is to return on board the cruise ship and have lunch in one of the regular dining halls.

Disney Castaway Cay

Photo Credit: Inside the Magic

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, Disney Cruise Room Service is FREE! You can arrange a whole dinner or a small snack from the Disney Cruise room service menu and have them conveyed directly to your stateroom for no additional charge.

You’ll be given a beach towel as you leave the boat, so no compelling reason to bring any towels from your room. On the off chance that you think you’ll require your own towels for a  solo adventure, consider purchasing new Disney Cruise Line-themed beach towels on board in the gift shops.

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Wear a lot of sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the sturdy Bahamian rays. What’s more, in the event that you forget these or some other beach essentials, get them at “Buy the Sea Shore” on the island.

 You may bring water shoes if any in your family or companions have sensitive feet, else you ought to be fine without them in the water and on the beach barefoot. Bring closed-toe shoes/water shoes – You might need to throw a swimsuit and a couple of flip-flops into your bag and call yourself packed. Particularly on a Caribbean voyage getaway. Some Carnival journey ships have a Sky Course, which is an excellent fun ropes course, and closed-toe shoes are required.

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Sky-High Savings: How to Find the Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards of the Year

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In today’s extremely busy life, it seems difficult to manage travel financed perfectly but due to the blessings of Credit Cards, it is possible now. Travel credit cards bid a variety of rewards either traveling for business or enjoyment or both. You can get Free checked bags, complimentary lounge access, and extra baggage packages. 

Most credit cards now offer more than just cash-back incentives they offer perks that can take your next trip from basic to boogie without spending extra money.

To help you choose the best travel rewards credit card for your needs, we analyzed 10 popular Credit cards.

In the last few years, travel credit cards have become the most competitive category to choose from. Some features are now standard in all credit cards across the world as foreign transaction fee exemption, special travel credits, and upgrade programs.

The most important thing that you need to consider while you sign up for a new credit card, must carefully analyze how you will use it and what benefits you are looking for in a credit card. How can you get the most out of a credit card as you are going to pay a steep annual fee? It is also important that you pay your balance on time and monthly basis as these cards not only have high exciting offers but high interest rates too.

Discover it® Miles

One of the most suitable and basic travel credit cards is Discover It Miles with no annual fee. It matches every mile you earn during your first year instead of providing a signup bonus. 

You will also get 0% introduction APR for more than a year and can redeem miles. To maximize its introductory award value, you need to use it excusably throughout the year. It offers a flat reward rate that may be an appealing option for many individual consumers but not a good option for businesses. This card also does not have any foreign transaction fees.

Below are the most desirable features of the Discover it Miles credit card.


  • A reward is redeemed on an equal basis for travel or cashback.
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • Exciting bonuses on sign-up
  • Redemption options are flexible
  • At the end of your first year, it automatically matches the miles that you earn.
  • It delivers 1.5 miles per dollar for each purchase
  • 0% introductory APR on purchase
  • No annual fee


  • It does not offer luxury perks
  • Discover it Miles is not widely accepted outside the USA. 
  • Requires excellent credit record
  • No traditional sign-up bonus
  • Have no option for bonus rewards
  • Provide no airline or hotel transfer partners
  • Charges a potentially high APR in the long run
  • Discover isn’t accepted worldwide

Discover It Miles is a perfect choice for those, who can maximum exploit the first-year bonus and individual travelers who prefer supple redemption for rewards. It is also a great help to fee-averse consumers.

Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card

The Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card is considered the best travel credit card on the market, due to its 2 miles per dollar rewards rate, low annual fee, and flat redemption options. You can also redeem your miles with any kind of travel points you purchase with the card, or you can also have the option to transfer it to one of Capital One’s travel partners.

Some of the basic pros and cons are discussed below to help you make your decision in choosing a perfect traveling credit card.


  • Fit for people with extensive traveling opportunities
  • Good for people desiring a big sign-up bonus
  • Perfect for people desiring flexible redemption options


  • Not fit for In-frequent travelers
  • Not good for modest spenders
  • Yes, is a balance carrier

The Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card is a perfect choice for usual travelers especially when you don’t want to fear expenditure caps as it earns two miles on every dollar purchase made, with no caps on the amount you can earn.

It also has an annual fee is $95 right after the first year. The Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card is mainly for those, who can spend more than $ 5,000 each year on their card.

 Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card 

This card is personally my favorite. This premium travel credit card is for people, who love to travel and dine a few times a year. The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is 2x as both for traveling and dining, it also gives a rich bonus on sign-up. It also does not have any foreign transactions, you can take this card as one of the best available travel cards in 2020.

You may earn up to 60,000 after spending $4000 in your first 3 months of sign-up. It gives 2x points on both traveling and dining across the world wide restaurants. It has also a special offer of 25% or more value for airfare, hotel, and cruise redemption. On Lyft rides you can get 5x points through March 2022, as it will give 3x points, also, to already earn 2x points on travel.


  • On spending $4000 in your first sign-up, you can get 60,000 bonus points.
  • 2x points on travel and dining across the world 
  • When selecting an airline or hotel also get 1:1 points
  • No fee for foreign transactions


  • High annual fee of $95 and no fee waived in the first year
  • No APR offer for the intro
  • To get the most out of it, you just need to redeem it for travel expenses

This card is the best choice for, those who are planning to travel once a year and will dine out. It has a smart chip with no transaction fee and 2x points for traveling & dining, this card is a smart choice for international travelers.

Bank of America Travel Rewards Visa credit card 

travel credit cards

For the person, who wants to travel frequently, for him, The Bank of America Travel Rewards Visa credit card is a sound choice. It gives solid, straightforward travel rewards and redemptions to frequent travelers. These cards always find their way into thousands of American wallets but are not a good choice for individuals looking for maximum value. Its most attractive features are its bank size and coverage area, so the lander name is big. This may be not a very good choice for all but very competitive in crowded fields with exciting deals. It also has no annual fee.


  • You can get 1.5 points per $ spent on all transactions
  • It has no annual fee
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • Points never expire
  • After a transaction of $1000, you can earn up to 25,000 points online.
  • You can also use it to book air tickets worldwide. No limitation to booking from specific websites.
  • 0% introductory APR for a year and after the first year of sign up there will be 16.49% to 24.49% Variable APR.
  • You can earn 25% to 75% more points on every purchase.
  • Rewards hurry when you bank with Bank of America or make an investment in Merrill


  • Traditionally restricted than regular credit cards
  • The high reward for high spenders and high annual fee 

This traveling credit card is a good choice for frequent travelers or sometimes occasional vocational like me. They offer a high introduction bonus very well suited to existing Bank of America customers. On a simple note, you will never get any traveler credit card that pays a high earning rate for high spenders.

Capital One® Spark® Miles for Business

This one is also considered the best travel rewards credit card. This card especially offers redemption options for cash awards. Its points can also be transferred to airline partners. It also offers a bonus of 50,000 points miles on spending $4500 in your first three months of signup. 

It offers flexible rewards at good rates as you can earn up to 2 cents per $ spending. Spark miles card also offers some special benefits that you won’t find in any other travel credit card in 2020 mentioned below:


  • 0% foreign transaction fee
  • Free credit cards for employees
  • Easy accountability
  • Emergency travel assistance services
  • Offers a special tailored accounts management tool
  • Accounts manager for each cardholder
  • Never shows blackout dates
  • No expiration period
  • No miles limit
  • Redeem with any airline worldwide 
  • You can transfer miles up to 15 airline partners


  • Less than 1:1 ratio of mile transfer
  • Airline partners are only domestic airlines

This card is a perfect choice for businesses as you can earn up to 2 miles per dollar on each transaction. If you have more than one travel card already then Spark miles will be able to increase your earnings on purchases and will never fall into your current bonus categories.

The Platinum Card® from American Express

travel credit cards

This Travel Rewards credit card is arguably the most prestigious card on the market. It offers an intro bonus of 60,000 Membership Rewards Points and up to 5x Membership Rewards points on purchases.


  • Excellent luxury travel benefits
  • Complimentary Gold Status with Marriott Bonvoy and Hilton Honors
  • Earn 5x points on travel
  • 5x points on travel
  • Travel benefits
  • Protection plans
  • Uber rewards
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • 60,000 Membership Rewards Points


  • The high minimum payment for the Pay Over Time option
  • No default option to carry a balance on purchases
  • $550 annual fee with no first-year waiver

 Chase Sapphire Reserve

Chase Sapphire Reserve is considered one of the most well-received travel rewards credit cards across the world. It offers a 3-point bonus per $ for travel and dining. This card also offers ultimate reward points for up to 13 hotels and airline partners. It offers to add in $300 annual travel credit card points, free concierge services, and airport lounge facilities.

You can guarantee an upgraded travel lifestyle with it. This card has been the first choice of beginners and advanced travelers since its launch. It has a high annual fee of $95 and gives a sign-up bonus of 60,000 points on spending $4000 in your first 3 months of signup. It has a strong value with simple features. Some of the best features are: 


  • High bonus
  • A high reward rate
  • High benefits
  • A metal chip card
  • No foreign transaction cost


  • High annual cost
  • Need high credit point to get the full benefit from all features

This card is a perfect choice for all people if, you get the ultimate reward points currency. These card points are easy to redeem with a variety of hotel and airline partners. It also has a friendly user interface. 

This is also good for no brainers— yes, as for big spenders and people who travel frequently. Its $300 travel card spending also brings the annual cost down from $550 to $250 annually. If you primarily want to earn points than annual fees can easily justify for small spenders also.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card

travel credit cards

Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus credit card is a preferred choice from people living in the south west of America as it offers three personal credit cards under one card. You can get up to $40.000 points after spending $10,000 on first sign up. Their rapid reward offer is also the cheapest credit card on the market


  • Points don’t expire
  • No blackout dates
  • Unlimited rewards seats


  • Not for frequent travelers
  • Not for modest spenders
  • Gives a balance carrier

This is a perfect choice for regular travelers and especially when you don’t want to think about cabs and as it earns one mile on every dollar transaction.

American Express® Gold Card

This American express gold card is rated as one of the top-rated credit cards across America for consumers. It is made of metal and top choice for restaurants and travelers. All cardholders can get competitive reward benefits and high-end perks with an annual cost of $250. When you are dinning or purchase groceries in a shopping mall get 4 points of per dollar transaction worldwide and in the US supermarket. As gold is always a better choice it gives a variety of benefits to consumers on groceries and dining out. It also has a $250 annual fee that may look steep but if you look at the benefits of the yearly annual statements, you can digest it well.


  • Points never expire
  • No blackout date
  • Get $25000 points on US supermarket spending
  • Get points for gift cards, shopping, travel, entertainment, merchandise or charity
  • You can use points for travel purchases
  • You can also transfer your travel points up to 17 airline partners 

This card is a perfect choice for no brainers again as who wants to spend lavishly and get bonus points up to $220 on annual credit streams. If you love to dine out then you can also make good use of this credit card. 

If you love food, you can get 4x points for international restaurants and supermarkets in the US. Its $250 annual fee can be offset if you keep it’s out of pocket cost below $30. 

 Mastercard® Black Card™

travel credit cards

 People with excellent credit spending prefer this metal rewards credit card as it is particularly provided for giving top-notch credit experience to their users. First, it looks amazing, a thick, black metal card give us impressive looks out of its design. It has an annual fee of $495 but it also comes with high-end benefits as airport lounge access, live chat via concierge, luxury card mobile app and unlimited dollar credit at hotels. This premium credit card is made for high spenders and frequent travelers. It is of stainless steel that feels like no other card, eye-catchy. Here below are some of its basic features discussed:


  • 24/7 luxury card concierge chat
  • Heavy luxury metal card
  • $100 annual airline fee credit
  • 1.5% cashback redemption and 2% on airfare
  • Travel perks 
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • Never expiration of reward points


  • It offers no welcome bonus
  • No annual bonus category
  • No airline transfers
  • High $495 annual fee 

This card is a perfect choice for people who can afford it as it looks impressive. Its awards are better than average credit cards. It gives some luxury perks and got alternative to iconic AMEX Centurion Card.


To hit your travel goal, travel rewards credit card plays the main role but only when using them rationally. A good credit card can provide you an opportunity to travel the world while saving a few dollars.If you want to get your travel credit card first time for an international tour or an expert to upgrade your existing card, there is a perfect travel card waiting for you. But at the end of the day, it is you, who will pay for it. It all comes down to your choice, make your decision carefully, chose a card that helps to get maximum spending opportunities and hit your traveling goals. 

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How to Visit Salar de Uyuni: The Largest Salt Desert of Bolivia: A Traveler’s Guide

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What is Salar de Uyuni?

The world’s largest salt flat, also known as Salar de Uyuni, is located in southwest Bolivia and it covers over 4,000 square miles of the Earth’s surface. It is considered one of the most extreme and remarkable vistas in all of South America, if not Earth. It’s the heritage of an ancient lake that went dry, abandoning a desert-like.

Throughout the years, it has become a significant vacation destination – the primary draw being the eccentric point-of-view photographs you can snap on the white salt. It is also known for being a bit tricky to travel to.

Here’s a traveler’s guide to How to Tour Salar de Uyuni – The Largest Salt Desert Of Bolivia, one of the most breathtaking places I have ever been to.


How much does it cost to go to Salar de Uyuni?

I traveled to Bolivia during my five-month backpacking trip across South America in 2019.

For starters, I paid $US160 to get into Bolivia, since US citizens must pay for a visa to enter the country.

How do I get to Salar de Uyuni?

Like many other travelers, I flew into La Paz, the highest capital in the world which lies over 10,000 feet above sea level.

From there, I traveled by bus to Tupiza, a town in southern Bolivia.

I began my tour from Tupiza, a town that looks as if it’s from a beautiful, old Western movie.

The salt flats around there are ensured, so you can’t openly enter them – you should be on a visit. As soon as I arrived in Tupiza, I found plenty of places offering tours to the salt flat.

I didn’t set up a tour ahead of time, so I browsed a few different options for quite a while and selected the one that seemed the best for me.

Start My Four-day Tour to Salar de Uyuni

I ended up paying roughly $US195 for my ticket and began my four-day tour to Salar de Uyuni the next day.

Getting to the salt flat was a serious adventure that included numerous long periods of driving.

I jumped in an eight-seat, four-wheel-drive Land Rover and began my shared tour with three other travelers.

The tour company I used also brought along an English-speaking guide, a cook, and a driver.

We began the tour with three days of driving across Bolivian Altiplano to end in Salar de Uyuni on the fourth and final day.

Along the way, I got to see and experience Bolivia’s incredible landscape.

For the first three days of the tour, we drove up to 10 hours per day.

Our meals were provided by and prepared by the cook and we stayed in simple accommodations, including a hotel made entirely from salt.

What I Explore on the Way to Salar de Uyuni

Along the way, we stopped in plenty of beautiful places.

The first day of the drive was tough because we drove up in elevation for about eight hours since the salt flat was about 12,000 feet above sea level.

I drank tons of water since it’s important to stay hydrated in order to ward off altitude sickness.

On the second day, we jumped in hot springs, took photos at Laguna Verde, a famous green-colored lake, and watched geysers spring from the earth.

We also saw a red-colored lake.

Photo Credit: Travelbusy.com

On the third day, we visited Laguna Colorada, a famous shallow lake, and Árbol de Piedra, an isolated rock formation.

We saw animals, too.

We also halted by Lagunas Altiplanicas, where we recognized a couple of various types of pink flamingos. By the fourth day, we had arrived at Salar de Uyuni.

Photo Credit: Pedro Szekely

We woke up at about 4 A.M. On the final day of the tour, we drove an hour across the salt flat to get to a place called Isla Incahuasi (Cactus Island) so we could watch the sunrise.

Photo Credit: sandeepachetan.com travel photography

The island is a little hill on Salar de Uyuni filled with thick, giant cacti. We got to the top of it just in time for the sun to rise and shine on the pure white salt flats.

To get into the island area, I had to pay an entry fee that came to about $US4.33, but it was totally worth it.

What is the best time to visit Salar de Uyuni?

The salt flat is known for resembling a mysterious ocean of mirrors — yet it doesn’t appear as though that all year. I visited during the dry season, so I didn’t experience the magical reflective effect firsthand.

The mirror effect of the salt flat happens during the wet season, which is from around December or January to April.

During these months, a slender layer of water covers the outside of the salt, which makes it resemble an ideal mirror in perspective photographs. I visited Salar de Uyuni during November, which is part of the area’s dry season.

At the point when I visited in November, the salt level resembled a sheet of fresh snow, it was crunchy to touch.

Even though the salt was not quite as cold as snow, it was winter when I visited and it was quite chilly so I wore as many warm layers as I could.

Visiting during the dry season did not hinder my experience – in fact, I think it’s better to go during this time because visitors can access more areas of the landscape and there’s less of a risk of tours getting canceled due to excessive rain (which is common).

How to take photos in Salar de Uyuni?

We had two hours to take photos of the salt flats.

After we arrived, the tour guide took us over to the salt flat so we could take pictures in an increasingly detached spot. Here, we had about two hours to be goofy and snap tons of perspective photos.

Photo Credit: Geee Kay

To get the perfect shot, the photographer must get low to the ground.

For some photos, the props (toy dinosaurs, boots, and soda bottles) should be close to the camera, while the model is farther away in the background.

You can also do the reverse, standing close to the camera and moving props far away, which might make you look like a giant.

It took us a few tries to get this perspective thing just right, but once we did, it was super fun to pose and snap photos.

Taking pictures was particularly cool since we had a group of individuals to work with.

We did a couple of theatrical videos, such as having one person pretend to be a giant while they chasing the rest of the group, or having the group pretend to walk on a tightrope between two shoelaces.

Where to Stay in Salar de Uyuni?

We stayed in Hotel Palacio de Sal. This lodging is a desert spring in the Salar de Uyuni zone. The Hotel Palacio de Sal is situated on the banks of the grand Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, only 25 km from the city of a similar name, special in its group for being completely worked with salt: dividers, floors, roofs, furniture, figures … everything!.

Driving up to the lodging, the veneer is amazing. Within is well-designed and warm.

We moved up to a suite with a seating zone, restroom, and dozing zone. The beds were OK with a warm cover. The shower was pleasant and hot. Our solitary grumbling was the washroom entryway was somewhat difficult to open.

The café was made up to be extravagant. Very much delegated with polite staff. Nourishment, while not gourmet, was acceptable, new, and copious.  

I was truly delighted in it remaining here and wished we could have gone through the following night here rather than at Tayka de Desierto. It’s such a pleasant respite from the long, dusty, and rough streets in the region.

My just and minor concern is that there are no wardrobes or drawers to put garments, so one needs to live out of the bag or put garments and so on the floor.

Some Important Tips You Need to Know:

It was such a breathtaking experience to be on the salt flat.

I could look for miles and not see anything but a flat, white surface. I found it to be peaceful, stunning, and extraordinary.

I’m really happy I brought my sunglasses since the white was fantastically bright. That said, I wish I knew a few things before I went.

I wish I knew how cold it was going to be at night in this part of Bolivia since temperatures dropped well below freezing and our accommodation on the tour didn’t have heaters.

If I were to do this again, I would bring a really warm jacket.

I also wish I had brought more props for photos, but I am glad I wore black.

I realized later that a ton of voyagers bring toys, for example, dinosaur dolls, to use as props. We weren’t prepared for this, and we only had a bottle of wine and a jar of Vegemite.

Still, they made for some hilarious photos.

I’m really happy I wore dark attire since it appeared to truly fly against the white and blue background of the spot.

All in all, this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I am glad I did.

I had a wonderful adventure to and on this famous Bolivian salt flat and I’m glad I did my research about tours before I went.

All in all, whether you visit during the wet season or dry season, Salar de Uyuni will surely take your breath away.

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Mirrorless Cameras for Travel Photography

Wanderlust Worthy: Finding the Best Travel Camera for Your Adventures

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Searching for the best travel camera for your next adventure or the best mirrorless camera for videos? For those looking for the best quality photos, mirrorless ILCs and DSLRs speak to the two best sorts of advanced cameras. We recommend the 10 best travel cameras in this article.

Fujifilm X-T20

Starting with the best overall mirrorless camera we have the Fujifilm X-T20. The Fujifilm X-T20 offers the best mix of photo quality, speed, and price in the mirrorless digital camera market. Then there’s the very cool retro design of this camera, which we love. It has silver trim over the top and the base of a dark camera body. You can likewise get it in all dark if the retro look is excessive. Fujifilm is one of the best manufacturers of mirrorless cameras, as the company has had a lot of success in this arena, so the X-T20 is a trustworthy choice.

The X-T20 has 24.3 megapixels of resolution and an APS-C-sized image sensor, which is comparable in size to what you’d find in an entry-level DSLR camera (or the comparable Sony Alpha A6300). DP Review highlights the quality of this image sensor and points out that the X-T20 can record 4K video, too. You won’t be disappointed with the images this camera takes. In addition, The Verge simply calls the X-T20 an example of everything right with the world of technology. That’s high praise for a great mirrorless camera.

Individuals who purchase the camera for the most part, like it also. One Amazon buyer who has shot with a lot of DSLRs in the past was impressed with the build quality of this little Fujifilm camera. However, another Amazon reviewer was disappointed in the ergonomics of the X-T20. Small right-hand grips are a common complaint among users of thin mirrorless ILCs, though. If you’re looking for a simple kit that does it all, the X-T20 is, in our opinion, the best overall mirrorless camera you can buy.

Sony Alpha A6300

We have the Sony Alpha A6300 our pick for another best mirrorless camera under $1000. The Sony Alpha A6300 offers an impressive resolution of 24.2 megapixels. So you can count on it to take high-quality pictures consistently. The BIONZ X processing engine minimizes noise for a higher overall resolution.

One of the more impressive features of this camera is its 4D focusing system with an incredible 425 – phase-detection AF points2.  It can quickly and accurately focus on any subject very fast. The high number of phase detects works even when you are using an A-mount lens. The 3-inch display on the rear of this camera boasts a 921 K dot resolution with a 16: 9 aspect ratio that is perfect for videos.

 It does not have a touch interface which is a bit disappointing. The 0.39-inch electronic viewfinder has a 2.359 million dot XGA OLED panel for advanced viewing of subjects.  We were blown away by this camera’s dust and moisture-resistant design. It’s very durable and perfect for those who do a lot of outdoor shooting.

 This camera has the usual USB and HDMI maker connections. You also get built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity for wireless transfer of photos.

 The shooting dial on the top of this camera is very responsive and offers several modes and settings that you can use to customize each picture and video that you take.

 The menu system is easy to understand and also offers plenty of great shooting options.  Some of the features of this camera include its 4D focus, and the point 5 autofocus acquisition time of this camera makes it one of the fastest models on the market.  

24 Megapixels: This camera uses the 24.2 megapixels APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor which means clear and detailed photos.  

4k Movie recording:  The internal 4k recording in super 35 mm format provides you with great video quality.

 Some of the pros of this camera include its amazing picture quality. The 24- 24-megapixel photos that you can take with this camera look professional. Lens included when you buy this camera. You will also get a Sony E-mount 16 50 mm retractable zoom lens.

 Ergonomic design: This camera is very easy to hold for long periods due to its deep grip and ergonomic design.

 One con of this camera is that the display has a somewhat dull picture compared to some of its competitors.  

The Sony Alpha A6300 is the best mirrorless camera under $1000 on the market right now.  It can take some incredibly beautiful quality pictures and has super-fast autofocus.  It also has a nice minimalistic design that is quite attractive.

Sony Alpha a7RIII

Next up we have the best mirrorless camera when money isn’t a problem which goes to the Sony A7R III. The Sony A7R III is an outstanding mirrorless digital camera, creating images that will rival intermediate-level DSLRs that have a similar price point.

The video quality with the A7R III is excellent too, and according to Gizmodo, “it does an excellent job of smoothly auto-tracking focus while recording.” The camera’s full-frame image sensor is the largest physical size of an image sensor that’s found in a camera for the consumer market, so this Sony model’s image sensor sits at the top of the heap in mirrorless cameras.

You won’t find another mirrorless camera that has 42.4 megapixels of resolution, either. The A7R III has an extremely clear viewfinder along with a sharp main display screen you can use to frame the scene, which are two features praised in the Steve Huff Photo review. The unit’s autofocus system works extremely fast, giving this Sony mirrorless camera a high level of performance.

Battery life is seriously improved from the previous model. The A7R III allows for about 650 frames — or one relatively full shoot (still, keep an extra charged battery or two on hand).

You will pay a lot for this camera, so we wouldn’t recommend it for beginners just looking at getting their feet wet. Furthermore, you’ll need to be an experienced photographer to take advantage of the Sony camera’s metering and white balance capabilities, as adventure photographer and photojournalist Chris Burkard explains (this is filmed by and for Sony). But when you’re ready to step up your photography game and want a mirrorless ILC, nothing beats the Sony A7R III’s image quality.

Sony A7III

We have the Sony A7III as our pick for the best overall mirrorless camera.  The Sony A7III supports a new 24-megapixel sensor with an ISO range of 100 to 51200 which can be expanded to 50 to 24,800.  The 693 autofocus points mean that you can take great-looking pictures with this camera even in low-light environments.

The noise reduction technology means that you can make out more details in the pictures that you take.  This camera has dual memory slots, one of which supports UHS-II fast memory cards. If you tend to take a lot of photos in one outing you will be glad for this particular feature.

The 5-axis image stabilization is something else that’s worth mentioning.  it makes it very easy to take clear and detailed photos of moving objects without sacrificing picture sharpness.

When you buy this camera you will get the SEL 2870 lens, lens hood, lens cap, lens rear cap, rechargeable battery, AC adapter, shoulder strap, body cap, accessory shoe cap, eyepiece cap, and micro USB charging cable.

There are lots of customization options to choose from.  If you prefer shooting in manual mode the numerous picture modes allow you to achieve a wide range of effects with the photos that you take.  You can however always turn on auto mode if you’d prefer a simpler way to take pictures.

Some of the features of this camera include its 4D focus. The camera’s 693 autofocus points offered 93% coverage of the entire image area. Continuous Shooting: the very fast continuous shooting feature makes it easy to capture important moments.  4k HDR:  you can record video in stunning 4k quality.

Some of the pros of this camera include its high-quality photos, this camera’s high 24.2-megapixel resolution allows you to take high-quality photos. Long-lasting Battery: The rechargeable battery that this camera comes with can last up to 900 shots before you need to charge it.  Lots of settings: the intuitive menu will provide you with numerous picture mode options to choose from.  

One con of this camera is that the camera’s rear display is fixed and doesn’t offer any tilting or multi-angle options.

Coming in at about $2,200 the Sony A7III is the best overall mirrorless camera. It takes beautiful pictures in a wide range of lighting environments and the innovative autofocus system is very impressive. This camera also has a nice sleek appearance and a long-lasting battery that is perfect for extended photography outings. Though it does cost more than the other cameras on this list it’s well worth the price.

Panasonic Lumix G85

Next, we have the best mirrorless camera for the video which goes to the Panasonic Lumix G85. The Panasonic Lumix G85 has a great set of features for photographers looking to buy their first advanced interchangeable lens camera.

This model ships with a kit lens, giving it a reasonable price point, but its greatest feature is the ability to shoot video at up to 4K resolution and 30 frames per second. The G85 also can record full HD video at 60 frames per second, producing a strong combination of video recording capabilities. You don’t need a separate digital camcorder if you own this Panasonic camera.

The Camera Labs audit referenced the significance of having a long battery life in a camera that is intended for video recording, and the G85 conveys. However, one Amazon reviewer says the camera’s autofocus system doesn’t always work accurately when shooting video in tough lighting conditions. The touchscreen simplifies the process of operating this Lumix G85 camera, making it run a lot more like a smartphone camera.

The G85 includes a viewfinder, too, which gives it a leg up on some other mirrorless cameras, according to TechRadar. The image sensor in the G85 delivers 16 megapixels of resolution in an image sensor that is similar in size to an APS-C-sized sensor. Steve’s Digicams review says the still image and video quality are both excellent with the G85. One Amazon buyer mentioned the low weight of the Lumix G85, which makes it easy to carry with you anywhere.

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

 Up next we have the best mirrorless camera on a budget which goes to the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II. One of the biggest drawbacks to upgrading to an advanced interchangeable lens camera is the cost. That’s one of the reasons why we like the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II mirrorless camera. It has a low price point compared to other advanced models, yet provides a strong level of performance.

The OM-D E-M10 Mark II is a fast performer, too, offering a maximum burst mode setting of 8.5 frames per second. Unlike some mirrorless cameras, the Olympus Mark II has a built-in viewfinder that yields a sharp image. It’s a great choice for the price, according to Steve’s Digicams.

Additionally, the main display screen with the E-M10 is sharp and provides touch control, which is great for people who are migrating from Smartphone cameras to this Olympus model, according to the Photography Blog review. In fact, one Amazon purchaser says the general UI of this camera is great for inexperienced photographers. The Olympus E-M-10 has an image sensor similar in size to an APS-C-sized sensor, offering 16 megapixels of resolution.

The Imaging Resource review says this model does a great job recording in the RAW image format. It records video in full HD resolution, as opposed to 4K. A couple of Amazon purchasers announced issues with the life span of the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II, however.

Canon EOS M6

And now for our next pick, we have the best mirrorless camera with the most lenses which goes to the Canon EOS M6. If you ask experienced photographers why they have shied away from switching from DSLRs to mirrorless ILCs, one reason you’re sure to hear is the limited number of lenses that are available. DSLR camera models have been around a lot longer, and they have a lot more lenses from which to choose. To gain access to more lenses with a mirrorless camera, we’d recommend the Canon EOS M6.

This camera can use Canon lenses made specifically for its line of mirrorless cameras (with an M mount), but by making use of a mount adapter, the M6 can also fully use many Canon DSLR lenses, opening up a whole new world of photography options.

With the adapter, any Canon lens made in the past three decades is usable with the M6, according to the Ken Rockwell review. An Amazon purchaser was excited to have the alternative to utilize a portion of his old DSLR Canon lenses with this model.

The EOS M6 has an APS-C-sized image sensor offering 24.2 megapixels of resolution, resulting in strong image quality, according to the Imaging Resource review. It has a nice set of wireless connection capabilities, too, including Wi-Fi1, NFC2, and Bluetooth3.

The M6 creates some amazing images, yet it remains a lightweight camera that works well for shooting one-handed, according to Steve’s Digicams. However, one Amazon buyer was disappointed in the video shooting options with the Canon M6, especially in less-than-ideal lighting conditions.

Panasonic Lumix G7

One of the best mirrorless cameras under $500 is the Panasonic Lumix G7. The Panasonic Lumix G7 has a nice slim body with sharp angles and a deep handgrip for comfortable extended use.  It measures 3.4 x 4.9 x 3 inches with a weight of 14.4 ounces without a lens.

This camera offers lots of different controls to help you get the perfect shot but you still have a fully automatic setting that you can activate to make things simpler. The dial on the left of the pop-up flash controls the drive mode and offers numerous 4k photo mode options. The mode dial is located to the right of the flash and the power button is closed by the shutter button, which is part of the front control dial, is very convenient.

There is also the Q menu which provides you with a wide range of settings to give your photos different effects. Some of these options include natural vivid standards and monochrome.  You will find the built-in Wi-Fi that this camera offers to be particularly useful when it comes to transferring photos and sharing them with others on social media. If you have an Android device you can use NFC to do this. The overall quality of the pictures this camera takes is quite impressive. The 16-megapixel sensor means that you always get clear and detailed pictures.

OLED Live Viewfinder: This camera’s viewfinder offers 10,000:1 contrast for high visibility all the time, and time-lapse photography. There is a setting on this camera that makes time-lapse photography easier than ever.  Some of the pros of this camera include its 4k video. This camera’s 4k video recording offers complete clarity and stunning detail dual control dials. Two different dials in this camera let you choose from a variety of settings.

Built-in Flash: The built-in flash is another great feature that will help you take high-quality pictures in low-light settings.

One con of this camera is that the tracking focus slows the burst rate which can be a bit annoying.

The Panasonic Lumix G7 is the best mirrorless camera for under $500.  It takes great-looking pictures and even has 4k recording capabilities. There is an extra dial on this model with additional settings to help you take the best pictures. You will be hard-pressed to find a better mirrorless camera at this price point on the market today.

Panasonic Lumix G9

 Next, we have the Panasonic Lumix G9. The Panasonic Lumix G9 is known for its very large electronic viewfinder which has a 3.68 million dot resolution at a 0.83 times full-frame equivalent magnification; it certainly makes viewing the subjects you shoot much easier. This camera’s rear LCD monitor is significantly smaller than the GH5 and the resolution isn’t quite as high. You will, however, have access to optional touchpad autofocus. This feature will let you adjust the autofocus point with the simplest movement of your thumb. The function lever on the front of this camera makes it easy to switch to whichever mode or feature you want. The shutter button has a hair-trigger design so you only need to use the slightest bit of pressure to take a picture.

The 20-megapixel micro four-thirds image sensor on this camera was carried over from the GH5 model and for good reason, it’s combined with the stabilized Panasonic lens which will provide you with up to 6.5 stops of shape production. You can easily take great-looking pictures with this camera in almost any environment.

The 6K and 4K photo modes that this camera offers will let you take bursts of 18 or 8-megapixel photos. You can take 6k photos up to 30 frames per second.  Their headphone and microphone jacks that you can plug into one recording video which is always nice.

 Some of the features of this camera include its OLED live viewfinder. This camera’s viewfinder has 120 frames per second refresh rate and a 0.83 times magnification.

 Dual USH-II SD card slots: The two different SD card slots in this camera will provide you with ample storage for extended shooting sessions.

Anti-shake lens: The Panasonic lens that this camera uses offers impressive image stabilization for shooting in chaotic environments.

 Some of the pros of this camera include its high-resolution mode.  The 80-megapixel high-resolution mode that this camera offers is very impressive.

Video modes:  There are 6k and 4k video recording modes that will let you take amazing quality videos.  

Great layout: All of the buttons and physical features of this camera are laid out in a very user-friendly way.

 One con of this camera is that the sensor this camera uses is a bit smaller than some of the other cameras at this price point.

Coming in at just under $1,300 the Panasonic Lumix G9 is a great mirrorless camera that offers high-resolution photo and video shooting. it has an incredibly well-designed anti-shake lens as well as a plethora of shooting options for customizing your photos.

Fujifilm XT3

The Fujifilm XT 3 has an ultra-durable aluminum alloy body that is resistant to dust and moisture. It has a nice-sized handgrip that makes holding onto it very easy. There is also an MHG XT 3 grip which provides you with even more to hold onto. This camera’s 3.69 million dot OLED color electronic viewfinder offers a point 0.75 times magnification and blackout-free burst shooting making it easier to take high-quality pictures in any scenario. There is also the 3.2-inch LCD screen that has 1.04 million dots which is to be expected with a model of this price.

It has a touch interface and you can tilt it up and down to always get the perfect viewing angle. There are six ports on this camera including microphone and headphone jacks, USB C, micro HDMI a remote release connector, and a flash sync terminal.

This camera also allows you to use a second SD card when you require additional storage. You can use this camera for up to 1200 shots before having to charge it again. The three batteries inside this camera don’t take very long to charge. We love the new 26.1-megapixel x-trans CMOS 4 sensor which is combined with an X processor image processing engine for beautiful and detailed pictures.

some of the features of this camera include its 4k Movie Recording: the 4k video that this camera records looks extremely sharp and detailed,

Film Simulation Modes: There are 16 different film simulation modes including eternal cinema and black and white.

Supports Finder Mode: The supports finder mode that this camera offers makes it easy to capture moving objects like cars.

Some of the pros of this camera include its great autofocus. This camera’s xt3 sensor increased the face detection autofocus area to include the entire frame. Long battery life: you can take approximately 1200 pictures with your camera before having to charge it up. Ample storage: the dual SD card slots in this camera means that you will never run out of storage space while shooting.

One con of this camera is that the lack of in-body image stabilization is somewhat off-putting.

Fujifilm XT 3 is one of the best mirrorless digital cameras on the market. It takes unbelievably high-quality photos and videos with remarkable clarity and detail. The touchscreen display is very responsive and offers a good look at what you’re shooting and the pictures you’ve already taken. Its magnesium alloy body is very durable making it ideal for those who shoot outdoors a lot.

So that sums up our top 10 mirrorless cameras of 2023. Hope this article will assist you in finding your best camera for travel photography.

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