Northern Lights in Norway

Chasing the Aurora: The Spectacular Northern Lights in Norway

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The Northern Lights are one of the world’s most amazing natural phenomena. Frequently people make the list of the top 100 things to do and seeing the northern lights must have to be on their bucket list. Before going to see the northern lights it is necessary to make a plan. At first, you have to figure out a place where you can have most of the chance to see them. Norway is one of those countries where you would see these supernatural light shows. Here we recommend the best times and places to see the northern lights in Norway.

These eye-catching lights generally appear underneath the auroral oval which usually encircles the Earth between 60° and 70° latitude. The geographical location of Norway makes it an ideal place to see this incredible lighting.

If you never heard about the Northern Lights then worry not. Here we are trying to make clear what they are and why they are something special for you to go to see at any cost once in your life. These lights will hypnotize you and it will make you stay at that time for eternity. Also, they will be the inspiration behind why you should grab the Norwegian Air ticket and fly to Norway.

Before going to Norway we have to realize what are the Northern Lights.

Actually, an aurora mentioned as polar lights, northern lights, or southern lights, is a natural light presentation in the sky in the Arctic and Antarctic areas. These areas are known as the auroral zone. An aurora around the North Pole is called the northern lights or ‘aurora Borealis and an aurora around the South Pole is called the southern lights or ‘aurora australis.’

The Cree (North Americans) would think of them as the ‘Dance of the Spirits.’ In Finland, they said the lights were brought by Firefox. They thought as the Firefox ran so fast over the snow that his tail made flashes into the sky.

Old Chinese viewers believed that they were the flames of good and evil dragons combating in the heavens. Indeed, even today, these unusual and unpredictable lights are called ‘Aurora,’ according to the Roman goddess of the dawn.

What colors can we see the Auroras in?

In fact, green is the primary color when we think about Auroras. But they are truly found in a lot of different colors also. Light green or Turquoise is the most broadly recognized of these. On the off chance, if you’re blessed, you may even find the opportunity to see Auroras in pink, red, yellow, blue, and even violet hues.

Since arouras are mainly the scattering of light, you may discover them in all the rainbow colors if you’re lucky enough. These lights don’t have a portrayed structure. They may appear as covered or dispersed colors over the sky. Every so often they look like a dispersed cloud over the sky or like a sedge from the sun.

In any case, what causes these astounding lights?

In fact, Auroras start from the sun, which flares up with so much power that it superheats the gasses around it. Modest particles of the sun are shot away from it. It has a pace in excess of 450 miles or 750 kilometers every second. This wave of particles creates a sun-oriented breeze, and the Earth moves directly in that way.

The sunlight-based breeze can disrupt satellites and be hurtful to space travelers, yet the earth is secured in view of its magnetic field. The Earth has a liquid iron center that rotates fast and transforms it into a giant magnet. This field around the Earth is known as the magnetosphere. It also has a north pole and a south pole like a magnet.

The magnetosphere of the Earth draws away from the greater part of the particles from the sun. Some of the particles survive to encircle the climate. These electrically charged particles strike the climate. They energize the oxygen and nitrogen atoms and make them light up in the delightful shades of an aurora.

If you want to see an aurora on earth, you should stay close to the north or south poles of the Earth. You have to realize that auroras are additionally noticeable from space. From there they can be viewed as rings around the north and south poles.

Auroras, the unstable flashes of light in the night sky have intrigued people for many years. They are a remarkable sign of the connection between the earth and the sun. And they are one of the most wonderful amazement in the sky.

When is the best time to see the northern lights in Norway?

The Northern Lights of Norway is a mystical and outstanding moment. To see this natural phenomenon darkness is a must need. The ratio of darkness is absolutely perfect for the Northern Lights season in Norway.

Winter is the best time to see the northern lights because it is the darkest time of the year. According to the darkness, the months from October to March are the best season to see the Northern Lights in Norway. And the best time would be between 6 pm to 1 am. The most beautiful northern lights recurrence comes this season in Norway.

If you want to enjoy the Northern Lights perfectly you should avoid the full moon and regions with a lot of light. In fact, these environments can make your experience paler.

One thing to keep in mind when flying toward Norway to see the Lights, you are helpless in front of nature. In that case, you should be calm and wait for your good luck. It takes after making guess up to where your understanding can take you when the Northern Lights start playing.

You ought to have the alternative to see the northern lights before your vacation in Norway closes. So you should check their local weather forecast before accepting the trip. Because cloudy weather will really obstruct your purpose to see the Lights.

Now you can choose which place you need to see the Northern Lights in Norway. There are various spots, however here we recommend the best places to see the Northern Lights in Norway below.


Alta is a minor city on Norway’s northern coast, at the head of Alta Fjord in the Finnmark district of Norway. This city is located more than 375 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. Alta is renowned for its Northern Lights.

Surrounded by arctic tundra and mountains Alta is a city of 20000 people. It is a secluded and protected pine-clad valley at about 70 degrees north. This city is located straightforwardly below the Aurora Borealis oval. Besides that, it contains a stable central atmosphere with clear skies. So, most of the evenings’ aurora shows up here.

Expert Aurora Borealis trackers pass a whole either to the arctic coast or to significant regions. A huge part of voyagers passes the empty Finnmark plateau in the south by means of transport. That can increase their chances to peer the lighting glimpse.

Kristian Birkeland (who appears on the Norwegian 2 hundred-kroner banknote) picked Alta for the research on the Northern Lights phenomenon in 1899. As a result, Alta is also called the “Town of the Northern Lights”.


Northern Lights in Norway

Tromsø is ‘the Capital of the Arctic’. It is Northern Norway’s most populated city and social and cultural capital. Tromso is located directly beneath the Northern Lights oval. This characteristic makes it one of the most ideal places on earth for seeing the Northern Lights.

Tromsø comes up with the perfect blend of a vivid city with awesome wild nature and mountains all around. Which makes it a renowned goal for travelers. You can frequently observe the Northern Lights in the city center. However, most people like to leave the center to find some better night darkness.

However, Tromsø has unsteady coastal weather. There are consistently snow and mists hanging over the mountain peaks. As a result, most of the Northern Lights trackers cross further out into the winter evening. Once in a while, they reach the driest spot in Northern Europe, behind the Lyngen Alps.

While on different occasions they go along to the outer coast. Everything depends upon the climate and wind direction. High mountains, fjords, and islands make up a huge number of microclimates. In fact, there is always a spot with clear skies somewhere in this region.


Bodø is a county in the Nordland region, Norway. It is a piece of the customary county of Salten.

In fact, Bodø isn’t exactly as far north as Tromsø but the city is still arranged over the Arctic Circle. That means you can see the Northern Lights here if you want to visit in the winter. You can also observe the midnight sun if you visit Bodo in the summer.

A belt of light that is based on the geomagnetic shafts situated underneath the Auroral Oval in Bodo. So definitely you will have the opportunity to see the brilliant, glimmering Northern Lights here.

We suggest you travel out of the city center to  Mount Rønvik in order to observe the best Northern Lights. Because Mount Rønvik is an effectively open viewpoint and the best spot in Bodø to see Aurora Borealis.

If you do not want to go out of the downtown area, the dock in the harbor is also a suitable place for experiencing the Northern Lights.

The Northern Lights are comparatively more grounded to be seen in Bodø than in Tromsø because of the steady northern suitability. In any case, it’s not hard to see the Northern Lights in Bodø by any means. Simply try to head somewhere darken the region, away from the city lights, and trust in a clear sky!


Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago, one of the world’s northernmost regions. It lies in the Arctic Ocean between Norwegian territory and the North Pole. It’s familiar with its strong, remote landscape of icy mountains. Svalbard is also the homeland of tundra polar bears, Svalbard reindeer, and Arctic foxes.

Svalbard has all the more lively evenings with its Arctic desert atmosphere. Because it has more chances of seeing the Northern Lights than most other places in the Northern Lights belt. So this place attracts people from all over the world to experience Aurora Borealis.

Longyearbyen is a society on Spitsbergen Island, located in Norway’s Svalbard archipelago. Longyearbyen is situated about 900 kilometers north of the Norwegian territory and 1,300 kilometers from the North Pole. It provides remarkable environments for northern light activities.

The aurora borealis may appear around the early afternoon here. In October and February, you can enjoy the blue Arctic light during the day and the northern lights through the nighttime.

Activity providers in Svalbard offer Northern Nights experiences by snowmobile, dog sled, pontoon, or even by travel outfits with snowshoes.

If you want to leave Longyearbyen in comfort, you can take off the town by snowcat. Otherwise, you can enjoy a wild night here. You can admire Northern Lights together with delicious food and stimulating conversations.



Northern Lights in Norway

Lyngen is a fjord in Troms province, Norway. It is one of Norway’s most stunning fjords, situated behind the wild and sturdy Lyngen Alps.

The establishment of the Lyngenfjord area is about 82 kilometers long. This region is encompassed by the blue icy mountains, deep ravines, and the pinnacles of the Lyngsalpene mountain range.

The peaks of the Lyngen Alps are about 1,833 meters high. This forms an impregnable barrier to rain clouds and makes the valleys one of the driest places in the country. There are a few places here where the atmosphere is nearly as dry as the desert, and the weather is clear.

Here the night skies are clear and shining. As a result, this is an ideal spot for seeing the Northern Lights dancing above the mountaintops. Beautiful landscapes with a few alternatives for adventure and entertainment make this area a significant goal for travelers and aurora observers.

It’s a paradise for photographers. They can easily capture Northern Lights, with the outline of the mountains towards the starry sky, the moon, and the Aurora Borealis.

Lofoten Islands:

There are a number of significant things to do in Lofoten. Such as unbelievable angling, natural beauty, Aurora Borealis, and the midnight sun. Besides that, there are some little towns that travelers love to visit. Actually, the wild nature of the Lofoten Islands is as beautiful in the winter just as the remainder of the year. Particularly when the northern lights turn out at night.

Lofoten is located just below the auroral oval which is a belt of light that encompasses the geomagnetic tunnels. So this is a great place that gives travelers the best chances of seeing the magical light. Because in this place the sparkling Aurora Borealis in the sky is reflected in the sea.

If the northern lights are your fundamental motivation behind traveling to Lofoten then you have to remember one important thing. The thing is that perhaps you would not see the Aurora Borealis for a whole week in perspective on the changeable atmosphere here. So pre-adjust yourself with the intention that the Aurora will be a bonus for your visit here.

Lofoten shorelines are perhaps the best spot for shooting the Northern Lights in Norway and around the world. The breathtaking scenery of Lofoten offers excellent ground for the photo of the Aurora Borealis.

What to pack for seeing the Northern Lights in Norway

Going to Norway is a great experience indeed. It will be very special if you go there to look at the Northern Lights. You have to fight the cold here. To encounter the cold here are a couple of things you should pack:

We suggest bringing warm garments like thermal winter suits and reflector vests, warm boots, winter hats, scarf, and mittens for use during the safari. It would better if the garments are in brilliant hues because brighter colors look better in photos. Additionally, you need a professional camera and tripods to take the best pictures of the Northern Lights in Norway.


In conclusion, auroras are a beautiful phenomenon of nature and we should feel lucky to witness them. Now that you know what is all about Northern Lights. So we immensely advise that you add them to your bucket list. Visit Norway to see this supernatural phenomenon and you might find the inspiration that you have been searching for.

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solo female travelers

Empowering Solo Adventures:The Best 15 Solo Female Travel Destinations

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Traveling alone can enable you to find incredible things without enjoying various activities. Subsequently, many people look at the benefits of self-treat, and it has been viewed as an introverted characteristic. However, that’s further from the truth. The popularity and rise of solo female travel have not only created an opportunity for most women; but also gave them a new approach to self-appreciation. Therefore, women no longer need traveling companions as they can enjoy their vacation in the Safest Solo Female Travel Destinations. Here is the list of the best 15 solo female travel destinations that no woman should miss.

1.   Tulum, Mexico

15 Best Solo Female Travel Destinations 2019

Photo Credit: Walkerssk

If you are looking for affordable but with a Hippy vibe type of destination, then Tulum, Mexico is the place to go at it alone. Previously known as a tiny fishing town, Tulum has turned out to be the most visited area by tourists in Mexico. Additionally, you can enjoy the ruins of the Mayans that is exuberantly picturesque standing next to the turquoise ocean. Also, magnificent beaches are a sure way to enjoy it all alone, girl.

2.    Santiago, Chile

Photo Credit: Leonardo Shinagawa

Despite Santiago being an overcrowded city, it is instead very safe more so for lone female travelers. The Atacama Desert and the Patagonia wilds are just some of the places to visit alone in Chile. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you love skiing and drinking that el calsico wine, at that point you will make the most of your remain. Furthermore, there are many different museums in Santiago that you could enjoy and get to learn about historical information. You can’t leave Chile without visiting La Chascona, the home of Pablo Neruda and the best museum in Latin America Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino.

3.    Geneva, Switzerland

15 Best Solo Female Travel Destinations 2019

Photo Credit: Kev-1n

Geneva is absolutely perfect for the solo female travelers. It is luxurious, it is beautiful, and moreover this city is right on the lake. It’s not only men that are crazy about old artifacts; women are too. Geneva offers the old World style with a delightful penny to launch your performance raid. What is more, the city is extremely safe with magnificent sights that add up to it being a costly destination. The cost is a good idea to travel alone as a lady to avoid extra costs. Interestingly, you can’t miss the mountain tours, many museums, the Matterhorn, Lake Lucerne, and the medieval Geneva castles.

4.    Palawan, Philippines

15 Best Solo Female Travel Destinations 2019

Photo Credit: Guy Goddard

Palawan brags as one of the magnificent islands for solo female travelers. Being extraordinary compared to other independent female travel goals 2020, it has a phenomenal view, and you won’t be exhausted as you will meet different visitors at the tidal ponds and islands. Likewise, you could get yourself a private vessel on the other hand and overcome these wonderful seashores alone. Additionally, El Nido and Coron are the places you can’t fail to visit in Palawan. Palawan is incredibly blessed with eco-friendly resorts, hence putting your alone time as a woman on the next level.

5.    Lisbon, Portugal

Photo Credit: Rustam Aliyev

Lisbon is an acclaimed solo female travelers goal yet for valid justifications. Its tiled buildings, retro trams, and cobbled streets are exceedingly atmospheric. Besides, the bar scenes, historical sites, and fado are fascinating more so when you are alone, and you can eat tarts too when you visit the place. Get your summer body ready too at the different rooftop pools.

6.    Bali, Indonesia

Photo Credit:  Albert Dezetter

In spite of the wild partygoer’s reputation, Bali, Indonesia offers great places for solo female travelers who want to relax as they kickback. The picturesque beaches, yoga classes, surfing, the island’s hotels, and more are what you’ll take pleasure in as a lone traveler. What’s more, there are peaceful resorts and villas secluded from the population that can offer you the privacy you need. In fact, it’s cheaper to rent a private villa in Bali as compared to other tourist destinations.

7.    Rome, Italy

15 Best Solo Female Travel Destinations 2019

Photo Credit: Mauricio A.

Rome is a famous traveler goal for the most part for its wealth in refined, sentimental, and verifiable goals all-inclusive. Similarly, solo female travelers can take this opportunity to enjoy some of the fantastic sights and foods. 

8.    Chiang Mai, Thailand

Photo Credit: natashaloubser

When safety is your number one priority as a lady who wants to travel alone, then Thailand is the ideal destination. Chiang Mai makes a perfect destination for most female solo travelers to Thailand. The city is not only small as compared to Bangkok, but it is filled with most of the countries attractions.  Besides, it is safe and very different from Bangkok that is filled with tourist scams, making it better for female travelers to walk alone through Chiang Mai. Conclusively, you can visit the Grand Canyon, breathtaking temples and the ancient ruins.

9.    Dominican Republic, Carribean

15 Best Solo Female Travel Destinations 2019

Photo Credit:  RitaE 

The Caribbean island is known for astounding beaches making the Dominican Republic a popular tourist destination. It has the most beautiful beach resorts to spend your entire visit, which include Punta Cana or La Romana. Moreover, it can remotely connect with the fantastic Dominican culture and make new acquaintances.

10.    Queens Town, New Zealand

15 Best Solo Female Travel Destinations 2019

Photo Credit: Pxhere

Queenstown has a lot to offer more so to lone female travelers. You have bungy jumping and driving to paradise to all the adrenaline rush kind of activities. What’s more, the city is famous for adventure hence attracting quite a vast number of visitors.  Traveling alone in New Zealand is very easy because of its safety and friendly people, and it’s a perfect destination for adventurous people and outdoor activities.

11.    Seville, Spain

Photo Credit: David Mark 

It is very easy to get lost in Seville because it is a big city. Nonetheless, the favorable weather, friendly locals, colored buildings, and cobblestone streets make this city the favorable best solo female travel destination. Additionally, the city is built in a way that even tourists find it easy to maneuver through; and you can visit the Torre del Oro, the Alcázar of Seville, Seville Cathedral, and the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza.

12.    Berlin, Germany

Photo Credit: cocoparisienne

Rich in culture and history, it is an interesting experience to travel alone to Berlin, Germany. Between the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Holocaust Memorial remnants, Berlin has an array of dynamic attractions that impresses solo female travelers. Likewise, walking through the East and West historic neighborhoods; the city though divisive has an architectural plethora.

13.    Dubrovnik, Croatia

Photo Credit: clariston

Croatia is getting mainstream, particularly for solo female travelers. Dubrovnik is honored with an astounding transport system and extraordinary infrastructure. In any case, old towns, dynamic night outs, and various islands make this Mediterranean city a famous goal for solo travelers. The old town of Dubrovnik was utilized by Game of Thrones to film a few pieces of the show, and history darlings can have a great time in the event that you visit this travel destination.

14.    Kyoto, Japan

15 Best Solo Female Travel Destinations 2019

Photo Credit: xegxef

Kyoto is famous for a solo female travel destination. The city is antiquated; it is honored with authentic destinations to appreciate seeing during your remain. Strangely, it has more than 3,000 chronicled destinations, including shrines and temples. Along these lines, traveling alone in this city will assist you with getting familiar with its profound established culture, advanced urban areas, zen gardens, and incredible nourishment.

15.    Reykjavik, Iceland

Photo Credit: Ingi Finnsson

Reykjavik is a vibrant city in music and art embodied with historical and cultural attractions. Consequently, the city gives lone female travelers endless adventure and fun opportunities as well as great glaciers to Atlantic rolling waves and the geothermal spots. Besides, you can also visit the local pools to connect with new people, not to mention the whale watching sceneries that are superb for lone travelers.

….last but not the least…..

16.    A cruise

Photo Credit:  skeeze 

Cruise lines are becoming popular while giving solo female travelers an opportunity to enjoy their destinations. Since most ships are designed for couples, boat cruises are cutting that fashion and here are some of the top cruises that solo female travelers can enjoy.

•    Holland America

•    Norwegian Cruise Line

•    Crystal Cruises  

•     Royal Caribbean International

•     Silversea Cruises

•     Cunard Line A cruise

•     Seabourn Cruise Line


Being a solo traveler can be a daunting idea at first, but it is of real fun and easy to go about. Besides, you have all the space to yourself, and the expenses are also self-centered. Additionally, there are so many places you can travel alone and still enjoy your destination, and most importantly, the mentioned destinations are friendly and safer for solo female traveling.

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Mauritian foods and drinks

Spices & Delights: Exploring the Unique and Tantalizing Foods in Mauritius

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With servants, slaves, and settlers, migration additionally presented various cooking styles in Mauritius. The country is referred to as the ‘melting pot of flavors’ since it offers different cuisines with a wide variety of foods. Besides that, there are also various markets selling global food products in the country. Here are the top 22 foods in Mauritius that you must try when you visit the country.

What’s interesting is the fact that Mauritius doesn’t have its own distinct food. The reason was, that the Portuguese found the island uninhabited and on their voyage when they came through the Indian Ocean. Therefore, the colonialists turned the country into a plantation colony, where indentured servants and slaves from Africa and South Asia were brought to work. As time passed, other migrants came into the country. As a result, as generations passed, their cuisines were mixed, resulting in a wide variety of foods that are there today and are definitely, a ‘must-try’. We suggest here the top 22 foods in Mauritius that you should taste when you travel to Mauritius.

Dholl Puri

This is arguably the best street food in Mauritius. Ground split peas are stuffed into thin wheat bread which is then served with chutney, pickles, and curries. Dholl Puri is thought to be derived from Indian Paratha and flatbread. They can be found all over the country, and anyone who visits the country can’t afford to miss it. Places to find the dish include; Dewa restaurant which is located in Moka, Dewa Dholl Puri situated in Rose Hill, and Four Angels restaurant which is in Bel Air.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Photo Credit: carrotmadman6

Victoria pineapples

The pineapples in Mauritius are delicious and sweeter than any other pineapples in the world. They are mostly found on the beach where sellers cut them into small, easy-to-hold pieces for those relaxing on the beach.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Mauritian curries

Due to the influence of Indians, curries are now considered to be a major component of the country’s cuisine. However, they are a bit different from the traditional curries of India. The Creole curries contain onions, garlic, and curry leaves, which form its base. When compared to Indian curries, Mauritian curries are not that spicy as they are served with bread and rice. You should not miss this dish as it will pamper your taste buds. This dish could be tried in areas such as Roti Aka Vinoda restaurant which is situated in Flic en Flac and the Poste Lafayette- situated Sunshine Fusion restaurant.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Vanilla tea

The tea is grown in Bois Cheri. It contains various flavoring substances which give it a delicious taste. The best place to taste this tea is Bois Cheri café, where you will find incredibly tasty tea that will definitely pamper your taste buds. Once you taste this tea, you will definitely love it, and if you fail to take stock from the shop in the area, you will later realize that you made the biggest ‘mistake’ of your life.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Photo Credit: Khairil Zhafri


As we know, Mauritius is an island that is surrounded by water, which comes in handy with some delicious seafood in store for you. The cuisine in the country contains heavy seafood, forming a major part of curries and stews. Giant prawns and fresh tuna are the main seafood which is a must-try. These foods are found in restaurants located along the beach in Mauritius.

Mauritian foods and drinks


As we all know, sugar cannot be served as a dish. In Mauritius, it is the most exported commodity. There are vast lands, all over the country, that are covered with sugarcane, making the island the world’s best sugar exporter. Also, there are nine types of sugar that are produced in Mauritius. If you taste all the sugar types manufactured in the country, it will make you want to visit the island more often, just to taste their sugar. It is commonly found at L’Aventure du Sucre, which is a sugar museum.

Mauritian foods and drinks


Mauritians consume chili with almost all dishes, including fruits and baguettes, not forgetting regular fish dishes and curries. Because of this need, there is regularly a dish of chili paste or chopped chili, (Mazavaroo) served in each dinner. Therefore, if you are a chili lover, then you will find Mauritius the best place to be. 

Mauritian foods and drinks

Photo Credit: Alpha


They are deep-fried snacks that are sold everywhere in the country. Mostly, they are found on the streets and also in luxury restaurants. This is the favorite snack for residents in the country. You will find them being sold at the back of motorbikes, beaches, and food stalls along the roadsides.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Dim Sum

They are a major part of the Sino cuisine in Mauritius. It is served in all Chinese restaurants in the country. Dim sums are small portions of meat or vegetables, that are fried, steamed, or wrapped in dough. You will discover this dish, which is a must-try, in the entirety of the Chinese restaurants working on the island.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Fish Vindaye

This dish is made with turmeric, ginger, garlic, mustard, onions, and fish, even though vegetables could also be used instead of fish. It is then served with chutney, pickles, lentils, and rice, giving it a delicious taste. If you visit Mauritius, you definitely don’t want to miss this dish, it is a must-try. It is found in almost all restaurants on the island.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Photo Credit: Alterem


It is the variant of Indian Falooda, whose color is either green or pink, and is made from dissolving agar, milk, and basil leaves. The drink is also flavored with syrup, which makes it super delicious and a must-try for all visitors, who visit the island. You will find this dish in Big Willy’s which is situated in Tamarin village and also in the Banana Beach Club located in Grand Baie.

Mauritian foods and drinks


When you visit Mauritius, and you consider yourself a sweet-toothed individual, then the Mauritian Mithai is your go-to dish. Mithais are buttery and sweet and can be found in Bombay Sweets Mart and also in Mori Mithai, situated in Long Mountain.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Mine Frites

Mine Frites is another Mauritian street dish, which is, fried noodles mixed with chili and onions. The noodles are soy sauce-fried, and if you love Chinese cuisine, then you should definitely try this dish. After consuming the noodles with chili, as they do in Mauritius, all you need to do is take a bowl of herbal black jelly, which will help you to cool down and relax. This dish is mostly found in Canton, Port Louis; Chez Patrick and King Dragon in Mahebourg and Quatre Bornes respectively.

Mauritian foods and drinks


It is almost a similar dish to the Indian paratha, only that it contains a Mauritian variety. The dish is often served with chutney or curries. Farata is generally sold on Mauritian roads, nearby Indian restaurants. The best places to try it include the La Chaumiere Masala restaurant and also Mauritius and House of India, located in Trou aux Biches.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Photo Credit: Ewan Munro

Gateau Patat Douce

They are sweet potato cakes that are served during teatime. The dish encases a filling of sugar, cardamom, and coconut which is later deep-fried, giving it a delicious flavor. Mauritians love this dish and it is also a must-try for anyone who has never tasted it.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Photo Credit: Bonbon

Vanilla-infused food

Due to the wide variety of non-Mauritian vanilla sold to tourists in Mauritius, St Aubin is the only place that you could buy real Mauritian-grown vanilla. In this area, there is a small vanilla plantation, which you should visit if you want to see how vanilla is grown. In this place, they cook chicken with vanilla, which is very delicious. There is also vanilla crème Brulee served in the local restaurants. You cannot afford to miss these dishes, otherwise, it would be like you were never in Mauritius.  

Mauritian foods and drinks

Palm Heart Salad

It is referred to as the ‘millionaire salad’. It is a delicacy that is very common among Mauritians. After seven years of growth, palm trees are cut down, and the arm-sized tube which is inside its trunk is then sliced and then mixed with salad when being served. It can also be served with smoked marlin and can also be cooked in a sauce. This dish is worth a try, and the visitors can offset their own salad by planting the tree in their own homes. The best places to try this dish include; Restaurant Bambou, La Pirogue, Four Seasons, and the La Table du Chateau.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Photo Credit: Pseph


Coconut chutney is mostly served in every curry meal on the island. The chutney complements the curries perfectly. Moreover, coconut chutney is the main dish in India and is mainly served with Idlis in south India. In Mauritius, the best places to find the dish include Ile aux Cerfs Island, La Chaumiere Masala place as well and Mauritius and the House of India. On the other hand, coconut cakes are made from sugar and grated coconuts, which gives them a delicious taste. In Mauritius, they are referred to as tomatoes, even though they don’t contain any tomatoes in it. In Port Louis, there are a number of restaurants that sell these cakes. Other places to find them include; Frame n Grill, La Toque Blanche, and The La Route Du restaurant. Coconut water is commonly drunk from the coconuts along the Mauritian beach, where coconuts are found in plenty. The drink is deliciously refreshing, and therefore, it is a must-try for everyone who visits Mauritius. 

Mauritian foods and drinks


This is a Creole dish made with tomatoes, fish, meat, thyme, onion, and garlic. It may be referred to as a tomato stew and is very delicious and a must-try. The dish is quite popular in Mauritius, which is why it is recommended to anyone who visits the island.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Roti Chaud

It is an Indian bread, which is served with pickles and curries. They are mostly found on the Mauritian streets and are similar to Indian Rotis. Normally, you will find them being carried at the back of motorbikes by street vendors. However, you can try this dish in specific places including the House of India and the Sunshine Fusion restaurant.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Mauritian Biryani

Besides being an Indian dish, it is also identical to Hyderabadi Biryani. The Biryani contains yogurt, Basmati rice with long grains, and a huge spices list. When being cooked, potatoes are placed right at the bottom, preventing the rice from sticking into the vessel or even burning. The best place to go try the dish is The Le Tandoor which is located near the Grand Bay. You could also try it at Pyramid Snacks in Mahebourg City.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Smoked Marlin

This is another delicacy that is quite popular in Mauritius. It is mostly served with palm salad and lime-infused oil. Smoked marlin might be purchased in gourmet specialty stores on the island. For the visitors visiting the country, it would be amiss if they didn’t try this particular dish.

Mauritian foods and drinks

Photo Credit: Foodista

Undoubtedly, Mauritian food is a melting pot of cuisines. With these dishes, your food tour on the island will definitely pamper your taste buds.

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best flight booking sites

Unlocking Secrets: How to Find the Cheapest Flights Anywhere!

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Wondering which site you should book your airfare with to get the best plan? You’re not the only one. There are many other choices for picking the 14 best sites to find the cheapest flights anywhere.

Although the choice of booking honestly with your aircraft, there are many flight booking sites, otherwise called online travel organizations (OTAs) to browse. The awkward truth is that no one flight web search tool can make sure the best value 100 percent of the time, however, using a blend of the correct valuable things can help guarantee you’re not overpaying.

Here we recommend the list of 14 best sites to find the cheapest flights anywhere below.


Cheapest Flights

Expedia is a reputable OTA that people have been using since the 1990s. At those times, Expedia used to be the best website for searching and booking the cheapest flights.

Expedia will try to up-pitch you on adding a hotel to your goals. This can spare you cash, yet make certain to think about costs before you book. Expedia does not charge a booking expense on round-trip flights on a similar aircraft. When you select your toll from the list of other choices, there’s an interstitial advance that shows what is and isn’t hidden in the admission, including seat choice, abrogations, changes, and things rules.

Expedia rates are completely normal with regard to airfare costs. While Expedia never shocked us with low costs, it also didn’t cheat us for a ticket.


Flight look places CheapOair and One Travel are forms of a similar item, claimed by Fare portal Inc. CheapOair charges a similar booking expense as One Travel: up to $35 per ticket. The value results are similar, in spite of the fact that the format of the results contrasts fairly, as CheapOair decides on a graph instead of a calendar.

Cheapest Flights

CheapOair organizes unstoppable costs over schedules with stops, sorted out in a simple-to-read diagram that is written by the carrier. The CheapOair charge card offers a $50 refund after $500 in buys in 90 days. Value Match Promise is restricted. The certification is useful for similar flights on Expedia, Orbits, Priceline, and Travelocity

Trip Advisor Flights

TripAdvisor is known for its traveling audits, and now travelers can apply their judgments to airlines, in addition to scanning for airfare on Trip Advisor Flights. On testing this flight booking site obviously, Trip Advisor doesn’t generally present the least expensive tolls, yet at times it did. It generally, be that as it may, gives you the other choice to surface Expedia, Travelocity, and other flight booking sites’ results, so you can differ immediately and a single tick. Trip Advisor Flights additionally has some supportive search options in advance, similar to a checkbox for organizing direct flights.

The best thing about Trip Advisor is its flight look apparatus is one of a kind from others in that it offers reviews based on Fly Scores of aircraft close by their passages, so you’re less likely to book with a dark, low-valued carrier without figuring it out. results are recorded in a helpful outline (instead of as the run-of-the-mill looking-over rundown) appearing with most reduced costs gathered for unstoppable, one-stop, and two-stop flights for a couple of important bearers including the ‘best cost,’ clearly checked. Something else, its results page is like most, with bunches of drop-down menus and checkboxes for narrowing your outcomes in the event that you have clear needs. Be that as it may, it charges a booking expense. Annoyingly, it was hard to discover data on exactly how much this flight booking site charges—terms and conditions are confusing on the subject.

The Best thing about is its table-style results graph which makes it simple to look at costs in a single spot instead of looking over clearly different schedules.

One Travel 

One Travel owns its interface from Google Flights’ date-book look highlight. When you enter your takeoff and goal air terminals, the date’s field raises a schedule with costs pre-populated. This is a useful part for quickly focusing on the movement dates with the best costs if and when your dates are able to change.

Cheapest Flights

One Travel charges a high management cost of up to $35 per ticket. One Travel also offers more unique schedules than most at the highest point of its results page. It’s very important to make sure that you’re opposing the exact flights by looking at the flight number, or possibly by keeping track of the diverse alternatives.

Travel charges a high management cost of up to $35 per ticket. One Travel also offers more unique schedules than most at the highest point of its results page. It’s very important to make sure that you’re opposing the exact flights by looking at the flight number, or possibly by keeping track of the diverse alternatives.

The best thing about One Travel is the travel guide association which is hard to see on other flight booking sites is the best organization in case you’re able to change movement dates.

Travel zoo

Travel Zoo is very unique in relation to the different sites detailed here. Rather than booking clear plans, you can look for wide courses of events (this week, one month from now, this late spring, and so on.) for arrangements in your ideal goal by either month or season. This makes Travel Zoo a solid match for people with a financial plan and time span, however no firm thought of when or even where they need to go. The effect is that in the event that you do have clear plans as a primary concern.

Cheapest Flights

The best thing about Travel Zoo’s is its ability to change needs can manage the cost of some incredible gives you won’t discover somewhere else, as old business class flights and multi-city schedules will make a fantasy trip significantly more moderate than you’d suspect.

Google Flights

Google Flights isn’t an OTA. It is a powerful metasearch motor that comes free of ads and other distractions. When you discover a flight, Google Flights will connect you to the aircraft’s immediate site or an OTA to finish the buy. It is an incredible web guide, which was first created for travel operators.

The best thing about Google Flights is the “search by map” work, which enables you to enter dates or a changeable period and see tolls shown at the same time on a guide. This can be useful in the event that you need to go to Europe in April, for instance, yet don’t have a specific goal as a primary concern.


While seeking change in dates on different sites, you’re lucky to see costs for your dates +/ – 3 days. Kayak, gives you a chance to look for the extent that 10 months out with its best value diagrams and offers a group of hunt choices: changeable dates, changeable months, and changeable end of the week.

Cheapest Flights

Kayak also gives you a chance to change your hunt to just be +/ – 1 day or +/ – 2 days. A change in a month gives you a chance to stamp the length of your trip, regardless of whether a long weekend or a month-long effort, and after that request the soonest date you’d be eager to leave.

Anyhow an A+ change in passages instrument, Kayak has a group of “information researchers” that examine past and speed up costs so as to expect whether the normal toll cost will increase or decrease throughout the following seven days.


Momondo giveth and Momondo taketh away. One weirdness of Momondo is the absence of honesty around the results. Momondo surfaces result from Southwest however without costs. The results showed flight times and other information from the transporter, yet the passage was recorded as “Obscure Price.” Only by navigating to Southwest would I be able to see the toll.

In any case, it’s pleasant to have an update that Southwest is an unlisted choice. Another in addition to Momondo scans for admissions from a huge amount of littler OTAs, which could cause a plan that other metasearch apparatuses miss.

The best thing about Momondo is the notice of Southwest is one of a kind to Momondo. It gets praise for hailing a suggestion to check a contender for something it doesn’t offer.


Priceline is a famous OTA that presented the Name Your Own Price tool and hazy appointments. These kinds of appointments can offer limits, however, a lot of subtleties are covered up until after the booking. The Name Your Own Price device was suspended for flights in 2016.

Cheapest Flights

The Best thing about Priceline is its express Deal flights. These flights can offer a decent rebate on the off chance that you have some changes. A considerable lot of the information on the flight including carrier and entry and takeoff times is covered until the booking is finished. Value Match Guarantee Free online dropping inside 24 hours of booking.

In each scan aside from when we got lucky with the Name Your Own Price Tool, Priceline constantly wound up charging us a more expensive rate for flights. When we looked for the cheapest flights, Priceline reliably charged us around $50 more than normal.


Agoda is an OTA possessed by Priceline. This site doesn’t offer much more than a basic pursuit of withheld backchannel choices when searching for flights. In case you’re searching for amazing housing, for example, a condo or private estate, Agoda merits looking at it, yet they don’t offer much while hunting down flights.

The best thing about Agoda is that you can choose your language by tapping on the banner in the top menu bar. You can cancel the ticket within 24 hours of your booking. It has a simple search ability to do things.

But one bad thing about Agoda is that it has limited filtering options for flights.


Skyscanner is another movement web search tool that does not sell flights honestly. They show you a list of flights and connections to the carrier’s site or OTA to finish the buy.

Cheapest Flights

Skyscanner goes beyond expectations for travelers with adaptability. In the hunt box, you can choose everywhere to look for the least expensive goals on your picked dates. On the off chance that you have a set goal with clear dates, Skyscanner works like most other travelers seek destinations.

The best thing about Skyscanner is its adaptable pursuits, simple to-change language, and cash and value cautions Skyscanner works like most other travel search sites.

Flight Network

Flight Network is a Canadian-based OTA. They offer Price Drop Protection, which implies if Flight Network promotes a lower cost on your flight, you can get the distinction in cost to put towards another booking.

The best thing about Flight Network is VIP Promo Codes are easy to use after you join Flight Network.

The bad thing about Flight Network is the Price Drop Protection isn’t as comprehensive as some other site promises.


Vayama has been around since 2007 however isn’t also known as a part of the different OTAs. It has a similar setup with sifting choices at the left and indexed lists in the middle of the screen. In the top menu, you can tap on +/ – 3 days to check whether changing your arrangements by multi-day or 2 could spare you cash. On the off chance that you click on the diagram tab, you can see initially what your best choices will be. You can even change the span of your outing to perceive how that will hit the cost.

Cheapest Flights

Sadly, this site charges heavy booking expenses up to $25 on local tickets and up to $50 on universal tickets so any cash you may spare by moving your dates around a little could get eaten up in expenses.

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